Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spring, Kids & Fathers Day

Sunday evenings are a time when I like to reflect on the week gone by. It's very therapeutic and then I can go to bed with a clear mind ready to ponder about what the following week will bring.

Despite our little Code 300 incident earlier in the week, it has been a truly gorgeous week. We've said Good-bye to Winter, wrapped up the Winter Sports season and had a wonderful Fathers Day. Here is a taste of what went on in our little world:

We welcomed Spring! I took Little Buddy and D to the Sydney Botanic Gardens for a little Spring garden inspiration. It was such a spur of the moment thing and I didn't take my camera. Oh iPhone, what would I do without you?

There's the Opera House & The Harbour Bridge Boys. "Where are the ducks!" they say.

I'd love to grow Echiums like these in the front garden in Tassie - gorgeous!

Hello Ducks and Freshwater Eels.

Let's chase the poor Cockatoos.

The tulips are out - must be time for a trip to Floriade in Canberra.

D liked the spiky garden the best.

Little Buddy liked the Train the best.

We then got to see Miss Fancy perform the Robot Dance at the School's Spring Performance. She was in the front row leading the group and has been really looking forward to this day. Isn't is great when you get to see your kids do something that you have not been allowed to know about? This was a special surprise for all the Dad's for Father's Day.

Robots don't smile apparently.
We have discovered that Blue Eyes is a bit of a sports nut. After watching him this season go from strength to strength with his Rugby, it was lovely to see him get his medal at Presentation Day.

It's important to have the tongue hanging out.

So proud. Seriously, you couldn't ask for a bigger first trophy!

Finally, we spent a lovely day having a BBQ picnic with the extended family in honour of the wonderful fathers in our life.

The Kidlets with the Piano Man (AKA Father of the Year!!)

3 Generations - the Kidlets, Me, and My Dad.

4 Generations - The Kidlets, Me, My Dad, and My Grandpa. This was the millionth photo of the day and the Kidlets were  less than thrilled to be taken away from the park again....but they will thank me one day!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!


  1. It's turning into Autumn here...but wish it were spring too :)

  2. Looks like a great weekend - thanks for the picture of the tulips (my favourite flowers). I miss Sydney it was nice to see a bit.

    Deb (from home life simplified)