Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Corners

Sometimes I amaze myself with my ability to put up with minor frustrations when there is a perfectly simple solution to a problem. 

Every member of our family seems to be cursed with the inability to put the cordless telephone back on the charge. There is nothing more frustrating than the phone ringing and not being able to locate the handset. It drives me bonkers. And in the odd occasion that I am able to locate the handset before the ringing has stopped, there is a brief exchange before being systematically cut-off from the caller due to the fact the handset has run out of batteries because it has been left off the charge for too long. At this point my blood pressure flies off the charts and I start getting snappy with the Whippet, even though I know he didn't touch the handset and it was most likely me who left it in the bottom of the laundry basket.

While I'm on a little rant over the phone issue, the other issue we seem to have is the never-ending pile of stuff that sits permanently at the end of the bench. No matter how clean and tidy the kitchen is, there is always an accumulation of cords, devices, odd and ends, stuff and things that remains right at the very end.  So today I found a solution to the phantom telephone and end-of-bench clutter and tried to turn this sad sad corner into a happy happy corner.

Note the absence of telephone on the charge!

This is the gorgeous Tasmanian Oak side table I found at the tip last week. The top was in pretty shabby condition but it's really beautifully made and just needed a sand and varnish. My dad makes lovely fine furniture and I really struggle buying new things when there are so many abandoned pieces that would have been made with the love and care that my dad would have given a piece and that you just don't get with the mass produced furniture. 

Here it is all finished and sitting happily in the corner.  I ditched the cordless phone and replaced it with this old telephone that will never let me down. I can not tell you the joy I feel knowing that if the phone rings there is a 100% probability that I will be able to find it. Why on earth didn't I do this sooner! There is a little nook for my wool basket and some books and magazines and not a cord in sight! 

I picked up these two cute little pots from the op shop for $3 each and the vase on the right is one of Grandpa's pottery pieces, filled with some Jasmine from the garden.

The clutter from the bench has gone and the sad sad corner is looking much happier. 

Now there is a sunny spot where I can sit and have a natter on the phone or look at the view or do some granny squares. If you were to come over, you could sit in the chair and put your feet up while I make you a cup of tea. You may have to fight the Whippet for the spot though :-)


  1. It looks great and so neat and tidy! We have a basket at the end of our bench which is constantly overflowing too. I like how your new corner has a comfy chair for chatting on the phone. That crocheted throw rug is beautiful! x

  2. Love that "new" side-table, there are some lovely pieces out there, and they don't need a lot of work do they! That looks so much more organised and a lovely place to sit!

  3. Just gorgeous ... and what about that view!

  4. I had a giggle with this post, we have been playing that game all week, "Where is the phone". What a lovely piece of furniture and that phone is perfect.

  5. We have the self-same problems here Mel! But I don't have a little corner like that to make into a cosy place, more's the pity. But the phone, that I could do. The the basket of wool at whippet level though, no way! Remy is clearly much better behaved than my motley whippet crew!

  6. The perfect solution in every possible way. Although I have to tell you I couldn't see the 'end of bench clutter' because I was too busy looking at your amazing view!

    I love the Tasmanian oak bench - again to be enjoyed with that view - jealous!


  7. Oh Mel, you make me giggle. Well solved. But using the old dial phone really takes me back! How many numbers have you misdialled so far?! J x

  8. What a fantastic, original idea!!
    I absolutely love your creative energy .... and the word 'natter'


  9. What a great spot for you to sit and catch up with friends and family back in NSW. I would happily share that sunny spot with the whippet. I love the rescued table what a great find.

  10. Beautiful!
    Lovely work - I would happily plonk down there while you put the kettle on.
    :-) xx

  11. Haha! Love this post Mel. We sound so similar. I often get myself into a lather over simple things... much like your messy corner, I have one or two of those also! Then I realise there IS an easier way. My Dad must have known it about me from a young age as I always remember him saying to me (when I was grumbling about one thing or another) ..."don't curse the darkness, light a candle!" So annoying when I was young, but I understand good old Dad so much better these days.
    Have to say I love your Happy Corner, it looks so lovely and cosy... and that view! Whoa, what a VIEW!
    Gorgeous photos xo

  12. I hear you...we can never find a phone..everyone has stopped ringing home now...they just try the mobiles.
    Love your little cabinet too...we have a messy end of bench, messy table, messy drawers and an unmentionable office...not sure the cabinet will fix it all!

  13. Wow, what a fantastic view. The newly created corner looks great, very organised. As for the clutter on the end of the bench... Ours spreads to cover most of the bench space. Occasionally I crack it and clear it all off. It always feels good to reclaim the bench space but then in no time the clutter creeps back. Aaaargh.

  14. It's so lovely Mel! I love old furniture, I wish I had a bigger house to fit it though. We are forever losing the cordless phone, but I think I'm the main culprit, don't think I'd survive without my cordless phone.