Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The one where I make a dill of myself

The kids would barely recognise a Doctors surgery. The two big kids have only been once or twice each and the twins have not been to a Doctor ever and they are 4 this year. It's not that the kids are particularly problem free. No, it's just we tend to specialise in rare and exotic illnesses here (hello Heinoch Schoenlein Purpura) as well as open wounds requiring stitches, both of which land us directly in the Emergency department of the local Hospital and bypassing the local Doctor.

The only problem with not having a relationship with a Doctor is that when you do need one urgently it is impossible to get in because they have a waiting period for new patients, sometimes up to 10 days. One of the twins was experiencing a breathing problem of sorts and I needed to see someone straight away. After 3 knock-backs I went to a Medical Centre.

The Doctor was quite concerned when we came in. Little Buddy was otherwise fine but seemed to be struggling with the inhaling part of breathing and then making quite a disturbing sound on exhaling. Definitely not asthma the Doctor said. I first noticed it some weeks ago but maybe only once a day. It started getting more frequent and pronounced until it was happening with almost every breath. I was given a referral to a Paediatrician who, I was told, would likely order some scans and probably some oxygen testing. Scary stuff. My worried brain went into overdrive as I visualised being sat down for a diagnosis of lung cancer or some other exotic illness. To stop my worrying getting out of control I stupidly told myself that it obviously couldn't be anything too serious because he is an identical twin and his brother would have to have the same thing, which he didn't. There is absolutely no logic to this type of thinking. Oh the mind of a panic-stricken parent!

I couldn't see the specialist for 3 weeks and this was too long as far as I was concerned. Breathing is an essential function to live and I needed to see someone straight away. I didn't think I could go 3 weeks without sleep worrying myself silly. The Doctor agreed and found another specialist who I could see 2 days later.

So we arrive to see said specialist who checks over Little Buddy with a fine tooth comb and then watches him play with his brother on the floor with some toys while we chat about our recent caravan trip around Australia. Little Buddy had done his inhaling/noise making thing about 20 times while we were there and I was anxious to know what the specialist had to say.

"Well he is in tip-top shape, absolutely nothing wrong with him," he says. 
"But what's causing this breathing issue?". 
"It's just a quirk. Completely harmless. There's nothing wrong with him" he says.
"What do you mean a quirk? Oh, like a tic? Does he have a tic?"
"No, just a quirk. Some people have a throat-clearing or small cough habit. It's just the same. He has picked it up somewhere and just doing it out of habit. Completely ignore it. Don't even talk about it to him or anyone and it will just disappear".

Yes, I'm relieved it's just a quirk but that was not what I was expecting. And right at that moment I take a big deep breath in to ponder this information and then let out an audible high-pitched "hmmm", the exact same thing that my son does and to which the Specialist just looked at me and grinned.

I totally just made a dill of myself. I never noticed it before but there it was. A 'light-bulb' moment.

Now I like to think myself as fairly self-aware. You know, like when you hear a Father talk about his hyperactive child while all the while he is drumming his fingers impatiently on the table and can't keep his feet still or when the mother can't work out why her daughter is so feisty and 'spirited' when she herself displays the exact same traits. Whenever I look at the personalities or funny habits of my kids I can usually pinpoint them to either myself or The Pianoman. However, I never noticed this quirk of mine. It's true there probably were many times during the moving-in and un-packing stage where I would go from room to room and do a big old sigh which was probably witnessed by the twins. The Pianoman didn't even notice this quirk of mine. It seems a frazzled Mother can do the a deep sigh and audible "hhmmm" without raising eyebrows but it is quite disturbing seeing it done by a 3 year old.

Anyone else with a quirk, funny habit?


  1. Oh Mel you are so funny. I can imagine how worried you were. I can't believe that the first Dr didn't pick it up though...

  2. Ha ha ha!!!!
    I'm glad it wasn't anything serious.
    As a teacher, I have brought parents into school to discuss a speech impediment or behaviour that I'm concerned about in their child - and then sat dumbfounded listening to/watching them do the exact same thing. Awkward.

    As a parent, your story scares me!!
    Seeing my annoying habits/traits reflected right back is amusing and terrifying all at once.
    :-) xxx

  3. Oops! Kids do pick up the oddest habits though, and at least you know it's harmless.

  4. Oh Mel! You funny goose! Well, I didn't notice your doing it the other day, if that makes you feel any better ☺. J x

  5. Wow scary but funny!!! Here in New York if we have a problem weare seen by a Doctor the same day almost immediately. I can not imagine how worried I would be waiting 2 days. I have a question Dontthe children need to go to the Doctors for immunizations shots for school? Here if your children do not have shots they can not go to school. Also they require a yearly check up. If we decide to travel out of our country we also need to get shots. Wow I guess in America we are shot happy LOL.

    1. Hi Lisa, As soon as the kids have been to the Medical Practice they are also seen to straight away. They do put children as a priority. The problem was that he was a new patient - the doctors were all very sympathetic but the first 3 family medical practices (including my personal GP) had waiting lists for new patients. However, there doesn't seem to be enough Paediatricians here in Tassie - the wait for them was pretty long - the Doctor said he had to pull some strings to get us in in 2 days ( a bit of a worry in itself). As for the immunisations - yes we have them here too obviously and you can take the kids to the doctor for that but I have always taken them to the Council run clinics run by a team of nurses - no waiting time, straight in and out which works for me :-)

  6. Mel, this makes me laugh. It also scares me that my kids are picking up habits I'm not aware of doing myself!
    Fingers crossed they don't start my weird throat itching noise! Even that one annoys Hubby.

  7. Oh Mel, you poor thing. I can imagine you would have felt quite embarrassed by that little scenario... but no need to be. When it's something that isn't quite right with one of your babes, it is extremely difficult to think rationally. And even more difficult to liken their problem to something they've picked up from yourself. It's amazing how children take on the traits of those closest to them. We have a funny one happening here too. Angus has always made a little humming sound when he's eating something he really enjoys... almost like a food appreciation kinda thing. But it is actually quite loud and we've talked to him about eating a little quieter etc etc... Well low and behold, now little bro Felix is doing the same thing! Albeit in a slightly higher pitched tone. So now, BOTH of them have their little humming song going over breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sort of cute as they're like our very own choir. I'm darn sure it comes from their Dad, because I certainly don't make those noises when I eat! xo

  8. Oh Mel; I laughed. Because sighing is something I do a lot! x

  9. That's hilarious! I'm glad your story had a happy ending. I would have been freaking out and "worse case scenario-ing" in the days leading up to the appointment...

  10. Oh bless him, he's an original, even as an identical twin.
    I have 2 children who have never seen a doctor in Canberra (over 4 years) & aren't on the books. I had to take one in & wanted to see the cool young lady GP as i know she has a thing for eczema, they kept saying "no, she has to be on the books" & i could only scratch up a few appointment visits, most related to my wrists, so i begged to get her in, explaining "sorry, you are our family GP, we just haven't been sick enough to actually attend over the past 4 years". At $100 a short visit ($150 for a 15 minute appointment) it's no wonder i don't rush off to the GP, but they have never had a cough of cold, between the 4 of them. We're more cuts & bruises kind of people, we need ice or heat packs, not drugs (says the pharmacologist mother, no wonder i never practised what i studied!!) Good for you, keep them healthy, & quirky, love Posie

  11. My little Mason does things like that throat clearing and an eye squint. I thought he may have had Turret's, but just a 'quirk' it seems. I goes away and may come back a few months later and I always find it depends on who he is playing with at School, so he is copying it from someone there.

    Thats the love of country living...not going to the Doc much =0)

    Btw, the new clawfoot arrives on Sunday and we will be looking to get rid of the old one in case you are interested! Thought I would let you know first =))
    Ness xx

  12. So funny Mel, I loved the image of the mug!
    I also forgot to mention just how much I love the knitted beannies from the previous post - sooooo cute!!!!
    you are such a clever gal

  13. Oh Mel, this story is precious, imagine how you'll laugh at it when he's older. My brother had Hainoch, scared my parents no end! It sounds like your children in general are very healthy, I hope that continues.

  14. Oh I completely relate! I am in the process of discovering all of my quirks on a weekly basis curtesy of my 3 year old. Like you I haven't realised the things I say or do until I hear them back. It has made me more self conscious of them but god it has made me laugh too.

  15. Thank goodness that was the outcome.

    You know have a great story for his 21st birthday!