Monday, September 17, 2012

Full Blown Mini-Break Holiday Weekend

Firstly, a very big Thank-you to everyone who left such lovely and supportive comments on my last Post. I had no idea that this little space would provide such emotional support when needed, let alone the kind that is so thoughtful, wise and caring.  I am really starting to value this lovely blogging community of ours on a whole new level. You guys are great! Your wise advice together with a weekend away to re-charge the batteries has left me feeling very uplifted :-)

So, we have just returned home from a fabulous weekend away in Bridport, a gorgeous seaside village at the very top of the Island. However, a "weekend away" just doesn't do justice to how re-energised I feel after such a lovely time and so I have to copy Bridget Jones and refer to the last few days as a Full Blown Mini-Break Holiday Weekend.

I packed the kids in the car last Friday morning and decided to turn the 3 hour drive into a full day journey stopping at every little town and village on the way, sneaking in a bit of op-shopping on the way.

I knew the weekend was destined to be great as soon as I spotted this at my first op-shop visit.

Do you like my Owl?

I am completely obsessed with Macrame Owls so when I saw this one with his big orange eyes complete with pot plant holders at the sides and a less than $10 price tag I knew we were destined to be together. It may be the influence of my American Mother (as I don't recall seeing these in the homes of my Friends) but are there any other children of the 70's who munched on their Weet Bix with one of these Owls hanging on their Kitchen wall? If so, and if you are as obsessed with Macrame Owls as I am then you may like to check out this website.

My treasure hunting and "don't touch the porcelain figurines!" speech were tolerated by the Kidlets so long as there were ample playground opportunities and places where they could actually touch things. One such place was the historic village of Ross where we visited the Tasmanian Wool Centre which encouraged people to touch everything in sight and where you can sit with a scarecrow.

We arrived at Bridport after a full day of sight-seeing through the gorgeous green countryside and stayed with friends and their 3 children at their holiday shack. It had breathtaking views across the Bay and a resident friendly Kookaburra. There was hardly a soul to be seen the entire weekend and we had the beaches to ourselves. There were walks on the beach, some Kayaking, Fishing, Bike-Riding,  and a spot of Knitting for those who can no longer engage in strenuous activities (i.e., pregnant me).  

Although the shops were closed, the ocean was too cold for swimming, the fish weren't biting and the wind so fierce it stole a $50 note from the Pianoman's sock, it was the home-made Pizzas and Rocky Road, together with the fabulous company that made it such a great weekend!


  1. Hi Mel..I love the idea of your whole day of getting there..really enjoying the journey, just what life should be and can be on occasions. I also love that photo of the kookaburra with such a cheeky gleam in his friendly eye and such beautiful colouring.

  2. Holidays are so good!! How are you feeling?

  3. What a beautiful place to recharge your batteries!

  4. Mel - what a great little mini hoiday break! Looks like a wonderful spot indeed. Love the owl. I'm a little bit owl inclined and I seem to recall a similar one in our kitchen, except it was brown (of course). Love the owl website ... owl feng shui indeed! cheers Wendy

  5. I feel relaxed reading this!
    :-) x

  6. Oh I LOVE these pics Mel, what a fabulous mini break. Your littlies in that pic with the scarecrow look so cute :)
    The pizzas look DELISH... and my tummy is so rumbling right now.
    And I adore your owl, I also have a bit of an owl fetish... have a big white ceramic owl in my kitchen, little hootster looks down over us and oversees the goings on in the kitchen xoxo

  7. I do remember so over ambitious teacher trying to get us to make those owls in primary school.
    The weather just doesn't matter when you are away, does it. It's the exploring and freshness that makes it work...and those pizzas might have helped!

  8. Love the pics and so glad you got away for the weekend. Isn't it grand to just take your time toward a destination? We travel like this a lot and we always see something interesting. The interstates are great if you want to get there fast but life is so much better in the slower lane. Take care and keep resting.


  9. Oh look at your gorgeous set of children, they are such brothers & sister!! Macrame owl, doesn't get more Op Shop than that.
    What a feast & lovely little trip away, love Posie

  10. I'm so delighted to hear the lift in your voice, Mel. I think you were amazing doing the trip on your own like that. Just fabulous. J x

  11. What beautiful photos! I can't believe how close your daughter got to that kookaburra - amazing! Glad you enjoyed your little getaway x