Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Still here.

39 weeks with 5 more sleeps to go until I'm officially due. If my past history is anything to go by, the baby will make it's appearance fashionably late by about 10 days or so past the due date. 

However, the Whippet is telling me differently. He is on high alert and will just not leave my side. He's making me anxious. Or maybe it's the other way around. He follows me everywhere and has even started running down the long windy driveway behind the car in a final attempt to not be left behind. He's been with us through every pregnancy so we have seen this behaviour before. I just wish he could talk and tell me what time-frame he was operating on. Are we hours, days, still a week or 2 away? The anticipation of a baby is very humbling indeed.

The Kids have been learning the art of patience and anticipation from the Welcome Swallows that have been nesting appropriately above the front door. A few weeks ago the tiny eggs were found in the nest and have been checked daily to see whether they had hatched. The other day, the four babies had hatched and I can't help feeling there is some symbolism going on. Each baby chick symbolising each of the kids but only 4 because a 5th chick would be 'counting chicks before they had hatched' which is something I don't like to do. One by one they open their hungry little yellow mouths. The 4th one opened its mouth this morning and I cried - such is the fragile state of mind I'm in at the moment. 

The feminist in me doesn't really like the term "Confinement" as used to describe the post-natal rest period however after an exhausting week of 'nesting' activities last week I am very much looking forward to my little "Holiday" in hospital. Instead of experiencing the calm before the storm I'm hoping last week was the storm before the calm. 

It started with the freak Tornado that swept through the Valley. The windy weather that came afterwards ripped one of our doors off its hinges. Luckily this could be fixed ourselves. There were final visits to the Obstetrician, Orthodontist, Vet and Hairdressers. We started weaning the lambs and harvesting produce from the veggie patch (finally!) - all creating a lot of work. I had two spinning sessions at The Spinners Guild, with marginal success but I'm confident I'll be able to practise at home now I have the basics. The Whippet has been bathed and all farm pets have been wormed, as have the children. The water tank has been emptied, cleaned and re-filled. The dishwasher, iron and vacuum cleaner had an Appliance AGM and decided to all break down in the one week necessitating urgent and costly replacements. The lounge room got its final coat of paint. I set up the nursery and washed some baby clothes. Everyone has been treated to brand new white sheets on their beds and I have scrubbed behind the fridge and washing machine. I'd be feeling a bit more virtuous if all of these items were not so long overdue. Sadly, they are entirely related to my crazy 'nesting' compulsions.

Needless to say, I am doing nothing but nice and relaxing things for myself for the remaining days. The Pianoman and I enjoyed a final night out last Saturday night. We walked around the harbour, had a lovely Indian meal and took a bunch of silly gratuitous 'selfies' to mark the end of being parents of 4. I've cancelled out of a lot of social things but our friend was performing in the Bawdy Pantomine "Crapunzel" and seeing him dressed up as the evil stepmother, playing guitar and dancing Gangnam style simply could not be missed. It was naughty and hilarious and although I didn't laugh myself into Labour, we had such a fun night and what little stomach muscles I have left were truly sore by the morning.

I also finished making my ornaments for the Handmade Ornament Swap and have them all packaged and ready to send off to my secret swap partners. I've never done anything like this before and gifting something I have made to someone other than my children was a bit intimidating really, especially because these two ladies are very very crafty themselves. However, it was so much fun, and it really got me in the spirit of Christmas as well as providing a much needed creative distraction during these final days. The best thing about it though has been the lovely new bloggers I've managed to find who are involved in the swap.

There has also been some lovely mail coming my way in the form of this absolutely gorgeous little vintage suitcase which I won in Roberta's giveaway. Roberta is the talented lady behind Rowantree Design - vintage inspired handmade clothing for babies and children. So if you are in the market for something special pop over and look at her gorgeous range of clothing. She has been spending lots of time with her business in New York and picked up this little case on one of her recent trips there. I will use it every single day. It is the perfect nappy bag for me because I don't do nappy bags and this is clearly no ordinary nappy bag. It's teeny tiny but big enough to hold my little Macbook Air, normal daily paraphernalia and a small nappy wallet in the future. Thank you so much Roberta!

I was looking for a nice book to accompany me on my hospital 'holiday' and after reading not one but two recommendations for The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey, I just had to pick up a copy which happened to be the very last copy in the whole of Hobart - testament to its popularity maybe? It's set in Alaska, a place which holds a special place in my heart as it is where I spent one of the best 6 weeks of my life trekking around as a 20 year old and I can't wait to be transported back to this gorgeous part of the world.


So, another text-heavy Post however I can 100% guarantee the next couple of Posts will be very very short.

Finally, thank you to everyone for their lovely comments on my last Post and 'hello' to any new readers that have joined the ride recently. Look forward to visiting you all and hopefully sharing some news soon.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. Tickety, tick...the countdown is so exciting! Enjoying the last few days of ONLY four and anticipating the thrill of meeting number five! I'm so thinking of you and reliving a few lovely memories! x

  2. Hi Mel!
    Just wanted to say hi & let you know how much I am enjoying your blog! I found you the other night & spent the next hour or so going over your posts- I loved them! So thankyou for that :)
    Good luck with everything over the next week or so. Can't wait to read about your newest addition xx

  3. Oh, so busy! Your bump is gorgeous. Good luck!!!

  4. wow look at you! can i just say Mel you look positively glowing! Your selfies are adorable and I cannot believe how much you have acheived in your "nesting" phase! Enjoy the baby holiday! I remember reading a few books whilst in hospital with my second and the nurses knew straight away that it was not my first child....time was not wasted...the silence was appreciated!! All the best Mel! xx

  5. hi Mel, thanks for joining my blog. The ornament swap is fun and I am about to post mine out. I wonder who has you. Such fun.
    We have something in common, besides our craftiness, I'm from Tassie too. we left when I was 10 but my parents retired back there and now live in Abels Bay, just near Cygnet. We will be heading over for Christmas. I love your ornaments, very clever. I am quite hopeless at crochet but will one day master it. Best wishes with your new baby and I look forward to more instalments on your Blog. Nicola.

  6. Mel - Reading that I think you are about to have a baby!! A whippet is never wrong.....

    Best wishes whenever it happens - you look gorgeous in the photos too BTW.

    Take care

  7. A really lovely post! How funny does your whippet sound?
    Lovely pics of you and your partner. Wishing you a lovely healthy baby & easy birth! (pics of the new bub are a must, you realize? :-D )

    Take care, xox

  8. What a cute little vintage case! I am loving the ornament swap. It is so much fun doing swaps and finding new blogs. BTW you are looking gorgeous! Good luck and I hope the little one doesn't keep you waiting too long.

  9. Oh Mel, I hope the whippet is right and you get to meet your newest family member soon! I'm thinking of you. Your nesting sounds most productive, I wonder if I'll get that burst of energy?

  10. Mel, you look absolutely radiant! All the very, very best wishes....I hope that everything goes really, really well! Shall look forward to hearing your good news and I promise I won't honk my car horn as I drive past your hospital en route to yoga and disturb your rest! Rx

  11. Hi Mel, I stumbled across your blog the other day and I have been enjoying catching up on your posts. I love the cradle by the way. I had a little girl just 6 weeks ago so I can completely relate to the nesting craziness! All the very best with this baby x

  12. Oh Sweetheart. I check my phone for messages all the time now. Cannot. Wait. J x

  13. So excited for you!!
    Lucky swap partner

  14. You seem very calm, and your whippet seems quite anxious. A the owner of a very anxious whippet I can relate to that!
    I hope the final weeks are uneventful.
    Your little ornaments look gorgeous xx

  15. Gorgeous photos of the birds..your other half and your amazing ornaments. Do you remember when the whippet got all protective in your other pregnancies? Or is it a progressive thing? All the best for the coming days!

    1. I can't remember Carol - I have the memory of a sieve!

  16. Another enjoyable post. I like all the stories you cover.
    How very sweet those swallows are.
    39 weeks. I am excited for you. You seem very calm about too. I am really looking forward to the post about the arrival of your new baby. And you are still looking oh so fabulous. Sure is a sign of an experienced mum when you take a book to read.
    I love love love your ornament swap. Your swap buddies are very lucky.

  17. Your energy astounds me!!
    So very excited for you and your family.
    I can't wait to hear the big news very soon!!! (Isn't that right Whippet?)
    :-) xx

  18. Gosh you have been busy Mel! I'm thinking that you do look about ready to 'pop' - and what cute photos of the two of you! Great going in the crafting too, can't believe where you find the time. Don't forget to find time to review The Snow Child.... I'm joking! Can't wait to hear your happy news. wishing you all the best. cheers Wendy

  19. Mel I've been thinking about you every day wondering whether it was your time yet. Sending lots of warm belly rubs to you lovely.
    (and you look gorgeous!) xxxxx

  20. So if I want to find the energy to get all my outstanding jobs done I need to have another baby ... hmm, not sure I'll get that one past the Mr ;)

    You look really well Mel, despite all that activity! Good luck and see you on the other side x

    PS Love the ornaments :)

  21. Oh, I've been thinking of you and wondering if things had started happening yet! Best of luck! :)

  22. Where do you get all that energy from?! I'm exhausted just reading about it! Lots & lots of luck for the next few days, can't wait to hear the news! xx

  23. Oh Mel, you beautiful thing, you look SO gorgeous in these shots. WOW, now I'M about 5 days behind, so who knows, Bubs may have made an appearance by now!? That is so lovely about the Whippet keeping you in his sights, what a cutie. You are so inspiring Mel, I really love stopping in here to read your stories and can't wait to see how they develop with your newest addition to the family xoxo

  24. A gorgeous catch up post Mel and your darling baby birds are very precious and very symbolic indeed x