Friday, June 14, 2013

Monty's Back!

Would you believe we missed the Ferry over to Bruny Island because we left a stuffed Monkey at home and had to go back and get it to be able to continue our day with any chance of enjoyment? The hilarity of the situation only came to the fore when my friend asked how our day trip to the Island was and I had to explain the ridiculousness of changing plans over blooming Monty the Monkey. This is how crazy our life is.

Monty is the Kindergarten class mascot who comes home with a child each week. He comes with a bag of tricks and you have to take some pictures of him and write a little story about his stay.  He is super special and the Kids literally go ape over him when it's their turn to look after him for the week.

He actually stayed with us 4 years ago when Eleanor was in Kindergarten and it is quite amazing how well he has held up under the pressure of years of Kindergarten handling. The Twins were just babies back then so Monty enjoyed activities such as doing the groceries, feeding the chooks and riding the Whippet. When I looked through the photos of when Monty stayed with us last time I noticed he was in this photo, taken 4 years ago and the photo I cropped and used as my blog header. I can't believe how young Eleanor and Charlie look.

Monty came home with Noah this time and the activities were looking much the same as 4 years ago, which isn't a problem judging by what Monty has been doing with all the other families in the class this year. It's always a slight relief to glance through Monty's book and see that there have been no exotic trips to Paris or visits to the Queen. However, Monty happened to come to us on a long weekend so while the weekend was full of catching up on house stuff, we decided to do something fun on the Monday and so of course did not take a single photo of Monty all week because we thought we'd save it for our day on Bruny Island.

So when the devastated cry came from the back of the car on our way to the ferry, we gave each other the look and the car was swiftly turned around. It was the final straw after a morning full of repeated requests to "find your shoes!" and "get in the car, we're going to miss the ferry!!!" The Pianoman was not impressed.

However, we spent the day on the Tasman Peninsula where we enjoyed a spot of fishing and a visit to the Tessellated Pavement - where a quirk of Mother Nature has produced an amazing checkerboard formation in the rock bed. We had the loveliest day. Sometimes Plan B is just as good as Plan A.

Speaking of Mother Nature, she has done a beautiful job rejuvenating the Forests which were devastated by the Bushfires a few months ago with all the trees covered in that glorious new green growth.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mel xxx


  1. I remember taking the nursery bear home too. As I recall it all got rather competitive between some of the Mums. I think Alfie took Bear to Granny's and had toast and honey and a cup of tea.

    Mel, usually plan B is the best plan of all, being as it is unplanned!

    Leanne xx

  2. I thought that tessellated pavement was a boat ramp of something man made at first glance. Your tale of the 'left behind monkey' made me smile :) It reminds me of an episode of Peppa Pig that Grace loves where Peppa Pig brings home the class teddy and is worried he'll have a boring weekend with her... only for him to go missing at the grocery store and to end up having an adventure of sorts after all :) I can't believe how little your oldest two look in that shot above!! :)

  3. You asked if we would believe you missed the ferry because you had to return for a stuffed monkey. This reader absolutely believes it! When Alexandra was little she needed to go to the Children's Hospital in Vancouver quite often. The trip was very long - a nine hour drive that crossed three mountain passes. There was one memorable occasion when we were partway there and she discovered her beloved blankie wasn't in the car. We drove back home to retrieve it. :-)

  4. That's a great idea for a class project, but I wonder if the teacher hasn't a few replacement Monties on hand for unexpected complications... You should photograph Monty in front of the TV or computer with some exotic (American!) locale in the background...

  5. Our playschool has this tradition too ... it's great for the little ones ... they get so excited ... Bee xx

  6. hehe im sure I few parents curse you Monty!!...gotta love a plan B. that rock formation is amazing!...catch any fish??. xx

    1. Not a single fish that day! A few crabs though :-)

  7. We have "Kinder Bear" at our house at the moment, it is like having an extra child that's for sure.

    I love the Tessellated Pavement, I'm dying to have a trip down south and take the kids soon.

    We are rugging up and heading to our farm today, just so Kinder Bear can have a ride on the motor bike. It's WAY too cold to go out.... the things we do!!


  8. oh that monkey sure is adorable! How lovely that you implemented Plan B in order to include him in your family acitivites! I love that photo of your older children from four years grown up they are now! Wishing you a wonderful weekend Mel xx

  9. The Monty thing would have been Situation Normal in our house when the kids were little. The Tasman Peninsula is better than the alternative I reckon, so all's well that end's well I say!

  10. Thank goodness Monty was remembered and will have some family pics to show on Tuesday!

  11. Lovely pics Mel - I enjoyed reading about Monty and your day trip :-) xox

  12. Oh Mel, that is just the loveliest story... and a pretty darn funny one at that! Gotta love the class mascot, Monty is a very cute one. Angus did this for preschool last year and the mascot was an Eeyore stuffed toy... and boy did Angus LOVE having him come to stay. How fabulous is that little fact about the photo on your header, such a gorgeous view you have there and the kids look so sweet. It IS incredible how much they grow in 4 years.
    Hope all is well in your world Mel, just stopping by as I haven't visited for a while xoxo

  13. Just found your blog and loving it. Maybe we can follow each other on GFC or bloglovin? Please feel free to stop by my blog and let me know. XO

  14. We have endured visits from Looby Doll and Adventure Ted in the last year. My personal highlight of those visits is looking through the books that come with the dreaded toy trying to see what other people's houses look like, and hoping they didn't do anything too amazing. Then I spend all weekend in a panic that we will leave the doll/bear behind somewhere while desperately trying to fill our weekends with stimulating and healthy activities. Luckily the kids love these visits.

    Your plan B was easily as good as plan A. Those tessellated rocks are amazing. x

  15. We have those too- Bof the French speaking dinosaur and the Maths monkey, they always come home at the most inconvenient times - like the 6 week summer break!

  16. How fun! Imogen is starting daycare on Thursday. I wonder if she will do anything like this when she moves into the older rooms.