Monday, September 2, 2013

Moving right along...

Thank you so much for your comments on my last Post. I was completely overwhelmed by the response to be honest. So many thoughts, words of wisdom, different points of view. I could easily write a whole Post on some of the insights I gained from your comments but just briefly, the main thing that really dawned on me was that I just really love blogging! As such, I think I may need to create an atmosphere that is conducive to "blogging longevity" so that I can continue to enjoy it rather than becoming a casualty of bloggy burnout. To that end I am now going to apply the same mantra I do to parenting - "it's a marathon not a sprint!". I'm going to pace myself. I'll just go with the natural ebb and flow of family life and write when I can and with my original purpose front of mind. No pressure. The fact that blogging has become only a once a week thing for me is completely fine. It did occur to me after my last Post that I had been treating my blog more like a job instead of the hobby that it is, feeling guilty when I hadn't fronted up to do a blog Post and mentally berating myself for it. How ridiculous! I've come here with a different mindset and feel lighter already.

So moving right along then. Yesterday we celebrated the first day of Spring as well as Father's Day. 

Of all the things, it was the sight of my Husband tending to his delicate little seedlings in the morning light that I felt the need to capture, so respresentative of how he cares for everything and everyone in his life. He really is such a terrific Dad. It goes without saying that I appreciate him every day but it's nice to have an extra special day to reflect on all the awesome Dads out there.

After opening presents from the Kids, we enjoyed scrambled eggs on toast before heading to Risdon Brook Dam. We watched the model boat races, admired the Snowbells and Daffodils, and walked the entire circumference of the dam. 

We finished the day with the annual Father's Day Pyramid photo. It's a cheesy shot but we do it every year so it's become tradition and some of them do it out of great sufferance - five smiles out of six ain't bad! It's hard to believe that Flynn was not even around this time last year and that he will be right up there at the top of the pyramid next year. The one thing blogging and documenting milestones does well is make you become very aware at just how fast the time goes! 

Speaking of the passing of time, we are going to see Cyndi Lauper tonight. I pulled up some of her old film clips, which should have really come with the warning "showing these film clips to young children will make you feel very very old. Ancient in fact". The comments were coming thick and fast - "so old fashioned Mum!", "It's so slow", "Mum, back in the old days did you also.....". I responded with "well the 80's really just feels like yesterday though. So many fond memories. She was a big hit back in the day!". Yep, I'm even sounding old to myself.

Hope you have a wonderful week and are enjoying the change of seasons whether it's Spring or Autumn in your part of the world. Do you have a favourite season?


  1. Great day...Cindy Lauper - wow, that will be a great concert - I only know the songs from the 80s, hope she sings them all for you.

  2. We are dipping our toes into Autumn here in the UK. The children are returning to school, and I am off school shoe shopping in about an hour. A task I loathe.....

    The balance of the blogger. You seem to have found it, Mel.

    Leanne xx

  3. Love the photo of Dad at the table with the children. Beautiful lighting, beautiful subjects.

  4. Have fun seeing Cindy Lauper. You sound exactly like me ahh the olden days of the 80's;) got to love that kind of music. The photo of your hubby watering his plants in the morning light is really lovely as is the photo of all of your little ones with their Dad. xx

  5. I love the photo around the table - just lovely. I'm curious Mel, what is your husband growing? Tomatoes?
    I think Spring is my favourite season - just love everything coming to life, everything blooming, seeing lambs, listening to the dawn chorus, listening to the frogs at Knocklofty, magnolias in full bloom around our neighbourhood and all the old fruit trees in our garden and our neighbours being full of blossom!

    1. Hi Stella, yes Tomatoes in one tray and Broccoli, Cabbage, Lettuce in the other. The Magnolias are stunning right now aren't they :-)

  6. Cindy?!! - you rock! We saw Paul Kelly on Friday night - he rocks too!!
    We haven't been to Risdon Brook Dam in forever - on my list now
    I love the photo with the seedlings - so well seen and captured

  7. I love the pyramid angelic does Flynn look?!
    I will read you blog topic post with interest when I have caught up on some sleep x

  8. Great post. Love the photos of Dad surrounded by his children. He must be so proud. xo

  9. Lovely photos Mel, the idea of the pyramid every year is great.
    Hope the concert was great and you proved that girls (still) just want to have fun!

  10. Lovely photos, you have a beautiful family. I would LOVE to see Cyndi Lauper! I hope it was awesome, I am sure it would be.

  11. I completely relate to the blogger burnout and feeling the pressure when not posting. I like your thought process. I often question my blog and then recently I managed to delete all photos from my old posts. I really lost my mojo after that. But I can't stay away. I love the community too much so decided on a fresh start with a new blog. I felt so happy having one again. Xx

  12. Oh how I love Ms Lauper. Her "True Colours" became a bit of a theme song for me last year whenever I needed it through the horrors. As for the blogginess...I'm lucky to get near the computer once a week let alone write a post. It's there though for whenever you need it and the friendships that are worthy will be there too. I don't feel so pressured as I did when I first went back to work because we just do what we can do and it kind of defeats the purpose if it becomes a chore. Just enjoy it all while it's there!
    Lovely Daddy photos too!

  13. The views through your windows ... I'm amazed you ever get anything done, I'd be gawping at them all day!

    Love the pyramid shot ... Flynn is just so darn cute! Hope Ms Lauper delivered :)

  14. Those photos of the morning light are really beautiful. And what a view you have!! I am very jealous that you got to see Cyndi Lauper - I hope she delivered? xx

  15. Mel I've just been catching up your corner of the world... Much head nodding and smiling while reading it too.
    Sending a big hug to you awesome lady.
    (and ps, cheesy photos are always worth it :-)

  16. Such beautiful photo's Mel, I absolutely love the first one! I honestly think that it must take time to find this balance as I am still new to this and I know that some days I kinda feel like I need to get to it, but then others, I feel like I want to. I am sure with time and now that my little one has started school (today, sniff sniff) it will all change anyway. You live in such a beautiful place, I can look at these photo's for hours. Wishing you a lovely week xoxo

  17. I too love that family shot around the table ... you must be bursting with pride to have such beautiful big family! You had a wonderful Father's Day, and the cheesy shot at the end is great ;) Wendy x

  18. Beautiful memories Mel, the light in 2 & 3 is lovely.
    Lily of the Valley reminds me on my Mimi (nan) xxx

  19. Mel, your new 'approach' to blogging is wonderful!! I'm going to adopt the same mindset, blogging when I can and if I can, without pressure. Taking my blogging break, I thought a lot about this space of mine and like you, I love it, but didn't want to feel pressured to write. I hope to be reading your lovely blog for many many more years to come.

    The photo of your precious family around the table is just gorgeous xx