Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tight Tuesdays

Look at what I found today! Isn’t it beautiful?

It’s an original Thonet of course, although I didn’t even know this until I looked under its seat when I got home. I was simply drawn to its lovely curves and long legs. Oh, and it's padded seat with studs. Yes, it’s a bit cracked in places and the webbing underneath the seat is showing its age, but how gorgeous is it? Slightly taller and thinner than the ‘normal’ Thonet chairs you see. Highchair height. Does anyone know exactly what type of chair it is?

How much did I pay, you ask? Absolutely nothing. Nada. Nix. FREE. No garage sale here. It was just sitting there on the side of the road amongst a pile of trash and this time I just stopped and put it in the boot of the car without knocking on the owners front door and embarrassing myself like before asking whether the owner had meant to throw out the perfectly good Little Tikes Coupe or the antique dresser or the set of blue glazed ceramic Pots. “Help yourself, they are just going to be crushed and used as landfill!”

This isn't a one-off fluke either. For those who are not familiar with proceedings in this part of Sydney – every so often (12 weeks roughly) they have what is called a Council Clean Up where you put all your junk out the front of your house and the Council comes and takes it away for you.  Now for someone like me who loves a bargain well this is just heaven! Firstly, although you are not meant to put your junk out until the night before a clean up, people are always starting early so simply driving around and going about your day is like retail therapy. Secondly, this area is not exactly poverty stricken and what some people consider junk is bordering on the ridiculous. These items don't even end up at a recycling depot or tip shop. 

The only problem for me now is that we are moving back to Tassie soon, so this hobby (ok, obsession) will have to be tightly controlled. But oh those legs…….

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  1. It's GORGEOUS!
    Love the "lovely curves and long legs..." comment,
    Are you going to fix it up or keep it 'original'?