Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Animals And The City

I wasn't going to do a Post tonight but I just had to share these gorgeous photos with you (and it has nothing to do with the fact I have finally uploaded the Instagram App on my iPhone and wanted to see how they looked on my blog! No. Nothing to do with that at all!).

So I ventured into the City today and instead of the usual crowd of people you see when you exit Wynyard station, today I was confronted with the following delightfully gorgeous creatures.

Did you know it is National Threatened Species Day? Neither did I. But now you do.

"HUGO" - Galapogas Tortoise. 61 years old. It's not everyday you see one of these ENORMOUS creatures strolling down the streets of Sydney.

"STANLEY" - Tawny Frogmouth. The softest feathers I've ever felt. He know's he's handsome.

"SUGAR" - 8 week old Sugar Glider. Don't trust a face like that!

"LUKE" - Flying Fox. Cutest. Animal. Ever.

"KENNY" - the 10 yr old Koala. Very unoriginal name. Likes to snuggle.

Name of Joey unknown because I was too busy listening to all the intelligent things coming out of this mans mouth :-)
I got to pat, cuddle, hold and hear about all these amazing animals.

Aren't they gorgeous? Do you have a favourite?


  1. Oh, I love that Tortoise! Your new app looks great!

    Visiting from the REwind.

  2. I must get into the whole Instagram thing (I don't even know what it is) but your photos look great! Fancy meeting all of those animals in the city?! Thanks for Rewinding x

  3. Oh the tortoise! My daughter would have been in absolute heaven. She spends her whole life asking for a pet tortoise. Although that one looks on the biggish side!

  4. Oh my. I'd be too busy 'listening' as well :)
    I didn't know it was National threatened species day either.

  5. No, CVV, I would never expect to see such beauties after stepping out into the light from ghastly Wynyard Station. What a spectacle that must have been! My favourite is the Galapagos tortoise - I have such respect for these ancient creatures. J x

  6. Now that's definitely not what I would be expecting coming out of Wynyard St. There is something about the Tawny Frogmouth that always appeals. Funny looking bird it it...

  7. I'm in love with the Galapagos Tortoise. I literlaly cried when Harriet, the one at Australia Zoo died a couple of years ago (she was something like 175ish? 176?). I so loved her. The one time I went to AZ, she was my favourite. I could literally have just stood and watched her, transfixed all day. Bought over by Charles Darwin! To have lived that long....