Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Day As A Fashionista

I enjoy fashion. I like fashion. I notice fashion. I read about fashion.  

But these days I rarely partake in fashion. I just don’t seem to like any of the latest fashion trends, which must mean I am completely unfashionable.  

And rather than shop for the latest designer items, I prefer vintage pieces and like to shop at secondhand stores and ebay, if I get time to shop at all.

Actually, I prefer style over fashion. I also think I was born in the wrong era as I’d love to swan around in anything from the 20’s, 40’s and 50’s. However, my current lifestyle of being a stay at home mum with 4 kids in the year 2011 isn’t really conducive to that kind of style and glamour.

So due to various circumstances it seems I’m currently lacking both fashion and style. Tragic.

These days I’m really a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl who generally hops out of bed and slips into the jeans that are lying on the floor from the day before and picks up a fresh top from the pile on the piano.

So it is rather ironic that my lovely friend suggested I take her place with a media pass at a special preview of all the top fashion labels at a recent fashion trade event in Sydney.

I had the most wonderful time. It was a completely different world. Slightly intimidating. Awkward at times, even. “Are you from Vogue or Frankie?". Um, no. "Oh you are one of the buyers then?”  Oh dear. “Um, well, I’m very interested in how the latest trends in adult fashion will translate into children’s clothing…..…and would you mind telling me where can I get another champagne please or perhaps the nearest exit would be better!”.

There aren't many photos. The designers were very worried I was out to steal their amazing ideas. And it seemed very inappropriate for me to burst their bubble and tell them I would be taking photos for my own humble little blog. 

Anyhow, I’ve decided to share the top trends with you. However, given what I’ve written above I will not be the slightest bit offended if you take my top 6 picks with a large grain of salt. 

So here they are:

1)        Jeans. No great surprise. But solid coloured jeans are the new trend. They were everywhere, in practically every stall. ALL colours of the rainbow from bright orange, lime green, pink and yellow and brown. They are called overdyed jeans. Also, acid wash, bleached, rips, holes and tears were popular in the form of short shorts and for this reason I will NOT be in fashion next season.

2)        Carrot Top Style . This is the latest style in pants. I’m told it will be everywhere in stores in jeans, suits, mens chino’s etc. It is a tamer version of the baggy-crotch style. High-waisted with tuck pleats but relaxed around the hips and tailored down the leg towards the ankle. I fail to see how any style adding bulk around ones middle can be flattering so I will NOT be in fashion next season.

3)        Shoes. Lots of plastic. Like the bendy plastic shoes I got for Christmas in the 80’s. Lots of colour. Flat or high wedges. Ankle boot wedges. Basic canvas or suede shoes with laces. 

I’m loving the Swarovski bling on the new-style ugg boots. 

I’m also loving the Hunter boots. If I somehow justify getting a pair of these to wear while I’m at the farm in Tassie then I WILL be in fashion next season. Pigs may fly too.

4)        Jewellery. The industrial look was big with lots of metal teamed with leather. There seemed to be a lot of recycling of products going on. There were necklaces and bracelets made from leather, zippers, padlocks, fencing wire, bike lock chains etc. The Necklaces made of rope with handmade metal nuts and bolts threaded onto them were quite beautiful. There were handbags made of wetsuit material (neoprene) and papier mache necklaces. Now why did I throw out all the kids scrunched up papier mache balls!!

Necklaces out of leather, zippers, chains.

Handbags made out of neoprene

Paper mache necklace

5)        Spirithoods. I loved these, as you can see. They are a cross between a hood and a scarf and a shawl. They keep your head warm and have pockets for your hands. You could choose between a tiger, snow leopard, panda, owl and others. They also come in a kids range. I'll have all 6 animal styles thanks!

The Tiger Spirithood

6)        Handmade. This is a trend I’m loving. Hand knitted and crochet jumpers, dresses, cardigans and scarves. Love this granny square poncho!

I was actually very interested in the design of the stalls. The main design theme was industrial mixed with vintage with the odd animal thrown in. Recycled pallets were fashioned into tables, bench seats and display cabinets.

Deer with birds nest
Cardboard Sheep
So, will any of these trends be making their way into your wardrobes?


  1. that spirithood picture is hilarious. I'm with you, I think I'll be very unfashionable this summer, yet again!
    I too lust after a pair of Hunters!

  2. Maybe you could get a pair of the acid wash short shorts for Tasmanian farm life! LOL

    The Tiger Spirithood suits you, I imagine she must come out in you often trying to get 4 kiddles in and out of cars etc