Tuesday, February 28, 2012

After-School Banter

I just love the after-school banter. And now that the kids are into their third week of school, it is getting more and more intense and exciting by the day. It's full of intrigue, information and fascinating little tidbits. There's lots of Guess what Mum and Did you know Mum. It's delightful and exhausting all at once.

I remember reading somewhere that women speak about 5,000 words a day and men only 1,500 words a day. If that truly is the case, then I think it starts from age 7 and I think Miss Fancy must do a lot of listening at school in order to save her 5,000 words for the after-school banter. Today, for example we had:

Guess what Mum, my Teacher went to Africa in the holidays. Africa! She saw Zebras and Elephants and all that. Isn't that amazing? And mum, Millie is back! You know the one who lives on the horse farm and got the black toe that nearly fell off. And Mum, you'll never guess, there is a new girl who has hair even longer than me! And I got an invitation to Talia's Birthday. Remember I went to her Mermaid party when we used to live here. It's a swimming party, can I go? I can't wait! And did you know Mum, Oliver Mac is my twin because his birthday is on the exact same day as mine. Exactly the same day! Isn't that amazing? And can we pleeeease have a lunch order. My honey sandwich was soggy and disgusting. I hate soggy bread! Didn't you remember Dad bought Ham on the weekend.....And guess what? We can have show-and-tell every single day if we want! Oh Mum, everyone loves the photos of the trip you put on my books. I had to sit next to THAT boy again but he kept being annoying and so he got moved next to someone else but he annoyed them too so now he has his own special spot. My music teacher is the best Piano player in the world. Mrs So and So will be away for the whole day tomorrow because she is having a blood test. And on and on and on..................  And what did you do today boys? Did you play with your lego? You did? Oh that's cool! Wanna have a puppet show? 

See? Exhausting and delightful at the same time. And that's just the bits I can remember. So this is how the Pianoman feels when he comes home in the evening and I unleash my 5,000 words onto him.

Blue Eyes, on the other hand, is a man of few(er) words. Not least because he can't get a word in edgeways.

I ask him, so how was your day Blue Eyes, learn anything exciting today?

Blue Eyes: Yes I did. We learnt that there is another word for make-up.
Me: Oh?
Blue-Eyes: Cosmetics.
Me: That's awesome. What else?
Blue-Eyes: I met someone new today. He's going to be my best friend.
Me: That's great! And what's his name?
Blue-Eyes: Can't remember.


  1. Love it Mel!!! Absolutely love it. It's spot on, when my 3 girls get together in the car after daycare/preschool/school it is so overwhelming with all the words flying at me. Looking forward to Baby Boy being a little more subdued!

  2. So funny and true. I have 2 girls and 2 boys. The girls talk more than 5000 words about anything and everything. My sons I ask how was your day they say Good, What did you learn they say Nothing. I say oh good I should go tell your teachers you learnt nothing the say no we just learned alittle. Kids are really too funny. From Australia to New York they are the same boys and girls.

  3. Oh this is so beautiful Mel. I used to be a little chatterbox after school too. You did well to jot all of those things down. It's so nice when they're still young enough to want to share every detail with you... well that's what people with older children are always telling me. My Mr4 is quite the conversationalist when it comes to preschool stories. But all in his own time, I can't go getting ahead of him with the questioning. He likes to control the pace.
    What a gorgeous photo of your little gang... and that view... WOW, that view xo

  4. Love this recount. SO true.

    I asked Charlie (also blue blue eyes) how his day was. From the back of the car, his little deep voice said "Ask me later Mum. I'll think of something later. Let the girls do all their talk talk taling first."

  5. So cute!!
    I'd take that over "huh?" and "nuthin'" any day.
    I'm still in the infatuation phase and could listen to my three year old's 'gossip' all day ...actually I do!!
    :-) xx

  6. I love listening to them bout it is an advanced form of multitasking to be able to separate and understand all the different streams of words as they come at you. That is why a love an hour or two alone after they all go to bed- ah the serenity!

  7. Precious, Mel! And so accurate, too ☺. I don't know how you had the energy to remember what to write down. Miss India is like that from the moment she wakes until she sleeps. Headspace, I crave thee! J x

  8. I remember it so well, and still the girls have more to say than the boys and my four are all grown up now. Oh dear, I do feel old typing that, but my youngest is over a decade older then your eldest, eek!

  9. I had a big smile on my face while reading Miss Fancy's account of her day - I imagine you were doing lots of nodding through out. Kids are so observant and seem to see the best in everything, I just love it. Mr Blue Eyes reminds me of my brother - still a man of few words but full of greatness.

    And it has to be said - look at that view!

  10. Oh you are lovely Mel- thanks for nominating me- now I've got to come up with 5 things people don't know about me!!

  11. Just love that! I don't get much banter from mine anymore xx