Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big Things Little People

We're home. I made it! I'm sorry I haven't posted since I entered the gates of the Farmlet 4 days ago - I've just been a little bit bogged down with all this 'newness' in our lives. You know, like

A New State
A New Home
A New Job
A New Pace of Life
A New level of disrepair to the house that I will just ignore.
A New height to the grass in the paddocks that I will also just ignore.
A New School
A New Haircut
New Shiny Black Patent Mary Janes and Velcro Joggers

There have been so many new things. Big Things. It's a bit overwhelming really. But only for me it seems. For today was the first day back at school for Tasmanians. With all these changes, not to mention the residual excitement from The Big Adventure, I was a bit worried how our 5 year old Blue Eyes would cope with his first day of Big School. Ever. He's been playing it cool. As he does. Not saying too much. Enthusiasm has been underwhelming. But this morning I awoke to a beaming face beside my bed. He was wearing his entire school outfit including hat. And for the first time ever, he had found his own shoes and they were actually on his feet. At 6am. A good sign.

So we took a few happy snaps and I noticed he was clinging a little too tight to his big sister. "Are you ok Blue Eyes?". "Yep yep can we go now". We arrived at his classroom and he said he felt a bit shy. Is this another one of his understatements? Was he about to fall to pieces? Miss Fancy was already off to her classroom and mixing with her old friends - picking up where they left off 2 years ago as if no time has passed at all. But there had been so many changes for Blue Eyes and it could have understandably gone a bit pear-shaped and I started feeling guilty for not planning things better and giving him more time to settle in before School started. But I needn't have worried. He pulled himself together and went in. There were no tears. Not even a backward glance when I gave him a kiss and said good-bye. I was so proud of him. He had no idea that he broke his mother's heart and she went home and cried like a baby. 

Whoever said it was easier second time around was very wrong!

I have already been in trouble with the fashion police. Apparently the shirt needs to be tucked out. I still remember the boys at school being continually told to tuck their shirts in or risk detention. So what do you think, in or out?

Look at those shiny black Mary Janes. 

The little boys are already demanding to know when they can go to school. They really missed their older siblings today after spending every waking moment together these past 3 months.

So a successful first day all around. And we do it all again tomorrow :-)


  1. Hello Gorgeous Woo hoo! You've finally made it. I am *so* excited. Wonderful photos and very impressive plaits, I must say! See you soon ☺. J x

  2. Aww. gorgeous photos - but such a contrast to the life you've led lately.
    I'm still in awe of your thong tan (feet!) from weeks ago!!
    Enjoy settling in - I hope it's a smooth transition for you all.

  3. Oh good luck on the next part of your life journey Mel. Hat and all at 6.00am ... what a little trooper!

  4. Welcome Home Mel!!!! I bet your head is in a whirl!
    Hope the rest of the week at school has gone as well for Blue Eyes as the First Day.
    I like the shirt tucked in, but that's because I'm a control freak, I think most of the boys at our school wore them out!

  5. Well it is just another big adventure really isn't it but of a different kind. You will probably be glad to have one less at home with that list of jobs you mentioned. Would love a tour of the place when you get a chance and take some photos before you clean it all up do you can see the results.

  6. Welcome Home and to the start of new adventures.
    I love the photo of Blue Eyes and Miss Fancy hugging.

  7. Welcome home!!!!

    They are

    So gorgeous!! Shirt out. Definitely.

  8. Lots of big things happening! I hope the second week goes just as well.
    (and shirt out :-)

  9. Welcome home from me too!
    Must feel good to be "home" after all your adventures.

    Shirt tucked in.

  10. Such beautiful pics of your babies Mel. What a good boy blue eyes is. It's remarkable how well these little beings adjust to life and all it's changes. Must feel nice to be home, something nice and stable and comforting after your mammoth adventures xo

  11. I lost you for a bit and just refound you.

    Just in time for the next big adventure it seems!

    Blue Eyes is just taking it all in his stride. He is an adventurer after all!

  12. Have been away from blogland for a bit and glad to return to see you all or safe and sound in your new home. Welcome home!

    p.s I have to say they are most certainly the shinest mary janes I have ever seen - and pretty impressive braids too.

    What a brave boy you have - he will go places for sure!