Monday, March 12, 2012

Long Weekend Loot

We would normally have gone away for a long weekend but not this time. We decided to chill out at home instead - partly because it still feels like an adventure just being here at home and partly because we still haven't cleaned out the caravan yet and I didn't want to waste three gorgeous autumn days tackling that horrid task when we have just spent the last few weekends unpacking boxes, organising and rearranging things from room to room. Time for a little pause. The Kidlets were starting to show signs of needing a little rest too - all the newness and excitement of the last few weeks were catching up with them. So we just relaxed at home, visited the odd market and had some friends over for lunch today. Just what the Doctor ordered.

I did manage to visit a few of my old favourite op shops and was so excited that nothing much had changed in terms of prices in the two years we've been away. Just look at the lovely loot I managed to bring home! I didn't realise it at the time but I'm obviously having a thing for moody greys and autumny oranges at the moment. We had a huge garage sale before we left Sydney so I'm mindful of not bringing too much clutter in the house and we simply don't have the funds to buy things willy-nilly anyway. However, every single item I found will be used and loved and was bought for a song.

1. Stripy ripple knitted rug in excellent condition and featuring the most gorgeous colours - $5
2. Grey Ceramic Vase - 50 cents
3. Laptop Case in Florence Broadhurst Japanese Floral design - $1
4. Knitted jumper (sweater) for the boys - $3
5. Orange string bag - $1
6. Queen size quilt cover and 2 pillowcases BRAND NEW - $6
7 Galvanised steel chicken feeder - $15. This was the most expensive item but they retail for $60 to $100 so easily justified and I needed it for my final purchase this weekend................

I tried, really I did, but one thing led to another and one minute I was chatting to a local about their Silkies and the next minute I was driving home with a box containing 4 baby Silkie chicks to join the Silver Spangled Hamburgs. They really are the sweetest little things and the Kidlets are very much in love with them. Whereas the Spangleds were too tricky for the Kidlets to catch, these wee ones are very placid and docile and easy to handle. They look a little scruffy now but will soon be blessed with their fancy pants fluffy heads and fluffy feet :-). 

I was very encouraged by all your lovely comments on my last Post and have taken up your suggestions and named the Spangled girls after place names from our trip - Adelaide, Katherine, Margaret, Coral, and Esperence. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Love the stripy Ripple, and wow, more chooks. Silkies are so cute.

    1. Isn't the rug amazing. I would love to make my own but at $5 I couldn't let it go. Can you even buy wool for less than $5??? I love the colours. As for the new chooks, I know I know. At least I showed some restraint and didn't do an ENTIRE post on them straight after the last chook post. I'm under strict instructions not to buy anymore 'freeloaders' :-)

  2. Awww you make me smile Mel, just a big softie really. They are gorgeous little chicks, I'm sure they will be very well loved on your little farm. And look at you being all thrifty. Some lovely finds there too, all for a bargain. Sounds like you're settling back in nicely to everyday life xo

  3. Awwww.
    All beautiful purchases - but the chicks take the prize.
    Love the names for your girls too.
    :-) x

  4. Goodness, Mel, you did find some treats. Florence Broadhurst fabric no less! Time for us to meet up and you can show me your favour tie haunts - I've never op-shopped before ☺. J x

  5. You lucky duck! My laptop would look very cosy in that Florence Broadhurst fabric! Great find! And your new little friends are a bit cute!!

  6. A blog friend in the US just posted this, this morning, about Silkies. I immediately thought of your new additions. May be helpful (down the road, when the chicks are older, that is!)

  7. As if I needed another incentive to visit Tasmania - look at that loot!

    I am [not-so-secretly] jealous of the Florence Broadhurst case and the bedlinen - orange is one of my 'happy making' colours and waking up in these sheets would be a glorious way to start any day.

    As for the chicklets - wowsers & I love their names.

    What a beautiful introduction to your space Mel, thank you for sharing,


  8. What an amazing opting booty! The Florence B. case is too good to be true. Who would throw that out? The linen and rug are so pretty and the feeder is a score. Even plastic ones normally cost a lot. Well done!!

  9. oooh - I love the names you have chosen
    and these ones look so cute

  10. Oh those chickens are cool!! Loving the blue & orange goodies from your long weekend loot, Florence Broadhurst, amazing as always.
    Funnily enough, i don't think we've ever gone away for a long weekend, maybe as we had children so young or lived in Darwin for ages, you can't get too far on a long weekend?? Canberra flee, so i'm very happy to stay here & enjoy a quiet city. Always happy to embrace a day off the school run, so driving anywhere is not a break for me. Maybe it's due to the nature of my husband's work, never being around, we're not in a hurry to leave or share him with family, just to be home together is a treat. After this recent long weekend, with so many crashes on the ACT border, eewwww, not good at all, love Posie

  11. I love the bed linen and the little vase... Aren't you a clever op shopper?!

    So glad you had a lovely weekend.

  12. Thanks for following me on my blog... I popped over the other day and thought I'd left a comment about your lovely finds but I must have imagined it! I've got to say I love all of your oppy finds expecially the crochet blanket and the quilt cover; both very modern.
    I've been pondering having chooks for ages now but just haven't taken the plunge; those cuties are just adorable, epecially the little brown one with the Rod Stewart hair style in the foreground.
    Jo :)