Monday, April 2, 2012

Sports Day

I always enjoy Sports Day and this year was quite a thrill as all four of my children were able to participate in one way or another. The picnic rug, folding chair, thermos of coffee together with some excellent company of fellow spectators were the essential ingredients as we sat back and relaxed for a few hours in the glorious Autumn sun and watched the day unfold.

It's quite fascinating seeing the different personalities of the kids come out. 

Up first was Miss Fancy who won a shiny blue first place ribbon and a shiny green third place ribbon in the sprint race and sack race.

She employed some serious strategies with her races. Having already gained a blue and a green ribbon, she tells me she held back on the pancake race so she could come second and get a shiny red ribbon to complete her "set". I like her style. She smiled throughout all the races and had a great time.

Blue Eyes employed a different strategy. Despite all my efforts with the "just do your best", "it doesn't matter if you win or lose" and  "I'm so proud of you all for participating today", he was determined to win-every-single-race-no-matter-what in his very first Sports Day. 

He won all his races except one. Turns out the boy who can NEVER find his running shoes does quite wonderful things when they actually end up on his feet.

The little boys were practising running up and down the sidelines in readiness for the sibling race. Blue Eyes set them up on the starting line on either side of him.

And they're off!

It's quite a skill running with two appendages attached to either side of you.

And the first one bites the dust.

Followed closely by the second one!

And in a show of good sportsmanship that made me burst with pride Blue-Eyes rolls over and pretends to eat the dirt as well.

They came "lucky last" but were extremely chuffed to get a sticker.

And finally, the Marathon. Blue Eyes is second from the left and tried to break away early.

He turns the first corner and takes the lead.

By the third corner he is way out in front.

He finally runs out of puff close to the finish line.

But beams with joy as he crosses the finish line in first place.

All in all a fabulous day. 

Now, would it be asking too much for all four kids to flop into bed early as a reward for the punishing start to the day we had this morning thanks to the end of day-light-savings time?


  1. What a fantastic day.
    Well done to your 4 champs!
    That sibling race is just gorgeous.
    :-) x

  2. Looks like a great day out for all involved.

  3. It looks like so much fun for everyone Mel!!
    Hope my kids are as enthusiastic at sports day.
    Daylight savings has wreaked havoc in our house too!

  4. I love love LOVE this post Mel. You've retold the story and illustrated it so well, it's just beautiful. I think it's wonderful that you have four little ones all taking part like that, Wow, I'm in awe. Well done to your little athletes, I'll be looking out for them in years to come for the Commonwealth Games and of course the big one, The Olympics! And yep, daylight savings seems to have been sent to try us parents xo

  5. Brilliant post Mel, and those three boys taking the fall together, priceless. You must be one proud Mama :D

  6. What beautiful, happy, sunny children!
    I could almost hear the cheering and laughing :-)

    Congratulations to them all!

  7. Oh Mel, you gorgeous mama for capturing the spirit of the big day so beautifully. You did them proud! We must catch up over Easter...J x