Friday, May 11, 2012

A Date with His Excellency

Government House Tasmania
You would normally find me curled up on the sofa and watching "Law & Order" on a Thursday evening. 

However, last night I happily ditched the sofa as we were invited by His Excellency, The Honourable Peter Underwood, Governor of Tasmania to attend Government House for a Welcome Reception.

The vegetable and potato industry in Australia is represented by AUSVEG, which is holding its 2012 National Convention and Awards for Excellence in Tasmania this year. The Reception was held to welcome Senior AUSVEG personnel and leaders in the Horticulture Industry from around Australia to Tasmania.

Obviously we are not leaders in the Horticulture Industry but were there in The Pianoman's capacity as a Consultant to AUSVEG in strategic communications and consumer market development.

I had the most fabulous night. I love any opportunity to frock-up and meet new and interesting people, but to do so in such a magnificent venue with all its "Pomp and Ceremony" takes the enjoyment to a whole new level.

Government House is a truly magnificent building and I was completely awe-struck by all its features. It is regarded as one of the best vice-regal residences in the Commonwealth and also one of the largest houses in neo-Gothic style in Australia.

The Reception was held in the Ball Room which features Huon Pine flooring, decorative vaulted ceiling and three breathtaking Chandeliers.

We chatted to His Excellency, who was charming and gracious, asking the Pianoman what he's been up to since returning back to the State and talking about mutual friends. Tasmania is a very small place. I used to refer to His Excellency as His Honour in my previous life when he was a Judge of The Supreme Court. Imagine being called "Your Excellency". He is such a down to earth person I wonder if His Excellency ever feels like saying "Ah, just call me Pete".

Ball Room
We weren't allowed to take photos in the Ball Room but I just spotted this photo below on the Governor's official website. If you look on the left hand side you can see The Pianoman with his Salmon Red tie with me on his right in the middle of one of his laughing fits. Vegetable and Potato growers are a fun bunch indeed and I'm looking forward to seeing them tomorrow at the National Awards. I have learn't so much about food and the horticulture industry this week, which I will share with you in another Post. But for now, I thought I'd share some photos of our evening.

Image from here
At the end of the function we were allowed to roam around and take the odd photo but I tried to show some restraint - whipping out the iPhone and snapping away just seemed a bit wrong.

But here I am in the Dining Room trying to stifle a giggle as the handsome guard jokingly told me to "look but don't touch" after I commented on how shiny the table was. I am going to brag now and mention that I have actually dined at this very table some years ago. It was dinner for 20, welcoming a foreign dignitary, whose name embarrassingly escapes me. It is probably because the highlight for me was sitting next to and chatting to author Christopher Koch who I adore. He wrote "Out of Ireland" which I read on my Honeymoon and is still one of my favourite holiday reads. But I digress.

This is the elegant Main Hall. More shine and elegance.

The hallways are graced with exquisite Portraits and Photographs, these two of the young Queen Elizabeth II.

And here we are exiting the Building after a lovely night out.

A bit of "pomp & Ceremony" never goes astray does it? Rest assured I'll be back on the sofa watching "Law & Order" next Thursday.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. What an exciting night and a lovely photo of the two of you:) Such a magnificent building. x

  2. How Exciting Mel!!!
    I love those amazing Huon Pine floors, my Mum and Dad have a massive Huon Pine dining table, that my Dad made, it is just gorgeous timber.
    You look beautiful, what a wonderful evening!

  3. They just don't build places like they used to.

    Beautiful, you and the building.

  4. Wow!
    What an experience.
    And your thong tan nowhere in sight!!!
    :-) xxx

  5. What a gorgeous building and a fun night out. I found your blog through (I think?) Posie Patchwork and thoroughly enjoyed browsing around. You live in a beautiful area.

  6. Oh goodness, what an exciting night! Love that photo of you :D

  7. Gosh! How glamorous are you! What a fabulous building and such a lovely photo of you and the Pianoman. x

  8. What a fun night, and look at you all glam and so beautiful. I love your shoes. A visit to Gov house is always fun, I love that they serve gin & tonics!

  9. How poshe!! Rubbing shoulders with Hobart's horticulturatti!! Gorgeous old building. What fun!!

  10. What a fab night!! And you look so glam.
    I have been lucky enough to go a few times...the most memorable being for morning tea when we were in Grade 7 with one of the governor's children...they may have been a food fight!! How embarrassing.

  11. Oh Mel, Wowzers! What a fantastic event! LOVE the photos, you looked just stunning, you both make such a gorgeous couple. Awesome how you spotted yourselves in the official photos too.
    The pic of that beautiful floor and your pretty little tootsies at the bottom is very cute.
    You guys must have felt very important being a part of all of that. It's so nice to dress up and get amongst it now and then xo

  12. It's fun to dress up every now and again. You look beautiful.

    What an amazing building. I never tire looking at historical buildings.

  13. Hello Gorgeous I'm so glad you had such a delightful time there. It truly is a treasure. We're taking the pixies to the next Open Day to show them around. My Dad used to attend balls there in the 1950s! You look so happy - that makes me smile. J x

  14. Gorgeous building (and you! Not sure I have seen such a clear photo of you?). Glad you got out and about. Always fun to play grown ups! x

  15. How fantastic!! It's another world isn't it?? My dad's best mate is governor of SA, they got to have an amazing morning tea there last trip to Adelaide, & attended the daughter's wedding, everything was opulent & my mother considered it a lifestyle to which she would like to become accustom.
    You are such a gorgeous couple, look at you & no children, wahoo, heels, lipstick, old law buddies, what a night, love Posie

  16. PS AUSVEG sounds like something you'd do while watching L&O!! Love Posie

  17. You have got to love a night of flocking up with the fella and going out all posh! They all look like a happy bunch to spend the night with. Tassie looks pretty good from here!

  18. How exciting. Love the shoes!

  19. I'm so thrilled you shared this with the POTMC, Mel - it's a ripper. I adored seeing you two out and about, looking fabulous. There should be more of it! J x