Thursday, August 23, 2012

Classic Knitted Teddy Bear

Anyone would think I'm expecting my 5th baby or something - already 26 weeks pregnant and still not a single Post about this pregnancy on here! I'll get there, really I will, and with any luck before it makes it's appearance. 

Rest assured, all is well and my lack of updates has absolutely nothing to do with the excitement levels in the household. There are precisely 95 sleeps to go according to the daily countdown on the fridge that the Kidlets have set up. I don't have the heart to tell them it could be an additional 10-14 days since my singleton babies tend to arrive fashionably late at 42 weeks.

 Anyway, I was searching for a Teddy Bear to knit for the baby. I really wanted a classic style Bear reminiscent of the ones from my childhood rather than some of the modern tortured looking ones that look like they've been run over by a truck. 

I found this free pattern by Debbie Bliss on Ravelry. It is also available in her "Simply Baby" Book. It was fun and fairly easy - if easy means knitting the Teddy with the pattern opened up on the iPhone on the armrest and the laptop opened on ones lap with youtube tutorials for some of the abbreviations :-D.

The only variation to the pattern was that I embroidered the nose and did french knots for the eyes instead of using felt. Teddy looks like he's dined on a decadent Sunday Roast because I also ignored the "stuff lightly" instructions and opted for a full squishy belly.  I figured it would deflate from all the handling over time. 

Needless to say, the Kidlets have put in orders for me to make them things now so I may have to put off my ripple pram blanket plans until after they've all received something made by me. Don't want there to be any sibling rivalry before the baby even gets here. 

The Whippet already has his knickers in a twist so I may have to make something for him too. As soon as I finished the Teddy this afternoon, he snatched it from the chair and dashed out of the house and took off with it up the paddock. My horror turned to relief as I retrieved the Teddy fully in tact, all limbs accounted for. I was worried about my seaming but it seems to have passed the test.


  1. How adorable - and I love the excitement from the 'big kids'.
    26 wks already??!!!
    :-) xx

  2. You'll be lucky to get a hold yourself with all those keen helpers!
    Home made teddies gain a rather lovely saggy quality which is most lovable.

  3. I can't imagine this teddy lightly stuffed! he's gorgeous!!
    Penny x

  4. That is one very cute teddy. Well done. I would have freaked when the whippet took the bear for a jaunt outside. Like you said, the bear certainly has had a test run.
    I look forward to more baby posts. xx

  5. This teddy just ooozes love and cuddliness! I have a bad dog Max who would do just what your Whippet glad he got back intact.

  6. oh it is adorable and I truly love his little rounded tummy, perfect for cuddling! Love that The Whippet has already indicated his desire for a Teddy of his own. xx

  7. Oh my, I love him! You clever Mama you. Just whipping up a beautiful bear like that, you're amazing Mel. What a cheeky whippet, that did make me laugh though. And I think that is just adorable that your littlies have a countdown for the news bubs, lovely! xoxo

  8. Oh he's adorable, what a gorgeous bear.
    It's hard to focus on your pregnant belly when you have a bunch of other children to chase. I didn't start blogging until my 4th child was in preschool, i used to fill my time with a whole lot more sewing, i'm trying to get back to that balance, sewing is my calm, that's for sure. Pats to tummy, love Posie

  9. isn't it amazing how much character a knitted bear can have. Love it. Happy pregnancy days to you! Jane x

  10. Ah, finally I get to see it! What a fabulous job you've done, Mel. I am soooo impressed. No wonder the kidlets are smitten. Poor old Remy ☺. J x

  11. Aww Remy, the whippet boys here send condolences, and suggest that next time you bury your prize, quick!

    That really is the sweetest bear Mel :)