Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hello there! 

How has your week been? 

Rather than bore you with Tales from the laundry - which is where I have been for much of the week playing catch-up - I thought I'd share some of the fun things we've been up to. 

There has been a mixed bag of parties these last couple of months - from walking the Red Carpet to playing dress-ups for Birthday parties. No sooner have we put the dancing shoes away from all the 30th Birthday Parties that we are now dusting them off again for the next round of 40th's. Time flies when you are in the decade-long fog of child-rearing!

First up, we celebrated the Birthday of Australia's very first Casino. The Wrest Point Casino in Hobart turned 40 and we were invited to a private function to celebrate the milestone. The iconic Casino has had an amazing history, playing host to all the big names over the years from celebrities to Royalty. Jerry Lewis was the opening act and Queen Elizabeth II stayed as did Prince Charles and Princess Diana. It was a wonderful night and we were entertained by the beautiful voice of Damian Leith.

The after-party shenanigans were a bit different from what we experienced 10 years ago at the Casino's 30th Birthday where we were a couple with no children. This time, we took all 5 kids with us. It was the first function I went to after Flynn was born so didn't want him too far away in case he needed to be fed. The Casino kindly gave us a room so the whole gang and the babysitter could stay the night. I don't think the receptionist knew just how many kids we had so it was a tight squeeze and as fate would have it, Flynn slept through the entire night but I was woken every hour with either a 6 year old's elbow in the eye socket or a 4 year old's knee in the ribcage. The Kids declared their night in the Hotel the best night they have ever had but for us adults it was probably the worst night's sleep on record.

Next up we attended the Australian Tourism Awards. It was conveniently held in Hobart this year so we were able to attend. It was a fabulous night showcasing the best Tourism products and experiences in the country.

The food was amazing and it was a treat to see Iva Davies from Icehouse play his iconic "Great Southern Land". He also played "Electric Blue", but it just wasn't the same with his short cropped hair. Remember this from the 80's? [Edit: seems to be an issue with the youtube video, sorry!]

Speaking of the 80's, we then attended a friends 40th Birthday Party, which was Rock Star themes dress-up party. We naturally went as Kiss and Cyndi Lauper. 

Dress-up parties are so much fun. Most of the ones I've attended over the years have been more 70's themed but Ido remember dressing up as a Cyndi Lauper inspired punk rocker back in the 80's. The scariest thing about the photo below is that it could be my own daughter in a year's time requesting to wear ripped stockings as part of her normal everyday wardrobe as opposed to dress-ups.

Finally, another friend turned 40 last weekend and we had to wear second-hand Wedding or Bridesmaids gowns. There was absolutely no way I was going to fit into my own Wedding Dress so I found this vintage one at the Op Shop for $8. I'm still not certain of the era. Do any of you fashion-saavy ones have any idea? I originally thought 60's or 70's but some others at the party thought the high collar was more indicative of a much earlier vintage. It features puff sleeves, lace, a train that starts at the back waist, there's a zipper and it's made from the type of material that made me stay well away from the birthday candles. Such a fun night!

So, have you been to any dress-up parties lately?
Can you imagine Iva Davies with short hair after seeing his 80's mullet?
Do any of you still fit into your Wedding Dress?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Mel x


  1. I think the bridal gown may be a rip off of a much older style, hence the leg of mutton sleeves and high neckline and the probably synthetic material is part of the rip off too. Seeing it on you suggests the sewing is fairly amateurish too. Seams don't look quite right. Perhaps it was something originally whipped up for a similar party.

    1. Hi Jan, that's something I hadn't even thought of - an earlier era ripping off an even earlier era.

  2. You guys have all the fun!

    Wedding dresses in that style were popular in the 80s here, no idea if that helps.

  3. I love dress up parties! I haven't been to one in ages but I wish someone I know would have one. My sister in law wants to have an 80s party for her 40th but that isn't till next year. We are going to do a 80s prom theme for my sisters hens night. That should be fun!

  4. They're some awesome sounding shindigs Mel. Oh I loved Electric Blue... I was a big Icehouse fan back in the day. Love your photos, you party people, so cool. I would say it's unlikely I still fit into my wedding dress... and the poor old dress is scrunched up in a bag in our shed... heartbreaking considering the dollars that were shelled out on that frock :(
    Can't get over how much your gal looks like you, you could be twins! xo

  5. I'll be honest - I hate fancy dress parties!! I don't know why, but it may stem from childhood. It's a shame really because St Ives is the fancy dress capital of the UK. At New Years the whole town gets dressed up and parades around town.

    I love watching other people. I just hate it for myself for some reason.

    I do think the wedding dress idea is cool though. Not sure whether I would fit into my wedding gown. It's in the attic somewhere.

    You rocked as Cyndi Lauper though!

    Leanne xx

  6. Great parties and you guys look just as good as Kiss and Cyndi as you do in black tie!
    I'd guess 60's early 70's for the dress x

  7. Whoah, you look awesome as cindi lauper! looks like you've had a busy, fun time. I love dress ups. Will have to pick your brain about Tassie touristy fun things to do- looks like a January trip is imminent! have a gorgeous day :)sarah

  8. Wow you both look great for the dress up party! I think I'd have to wear my wedding dress on just one leg as my thigh now is probably the same size as my waist used to be!

  9. Mel, how fun is your life?! And with children too!! I love the idea of the wedding dress, I have long since wanted to paint the town red with friends in our wedding dresses. I think it would be the best cocktail night ever!

  10. You look amazing as Cyndi Lauper, I dare you to wear that outfit next time you do the supermarket shop. Looks like a load of fun in your neck of the woods! Have a great weekend xo

  11. You guys look so great in dress up! How fun! I think you are right on the 60's or 70's with that dress. If it were earlier the fabric wouldn't have been synthetic and there wouldn't be a zip, just lots of buttons. I think it is 60/70's does vintage. :)

  12. Oh that bridal gown! Sounds like a fun party theme.
    Your description of "sleeping" (or lack thereof!) with your kids at the hotel function made me giggle. I am imagining that the same thing would happen with my 6!

  13. Oh, those photos! Brilliant! You make a good Cyndi Lauper, and that bridal Hello polyester! I have not been to a fancy dress party in years but now I really want to. xx

  14. I could probably fit into my dress...but post baby it definitely wouldn't look the same! I love the idea!

  15. I absolutely can not imagine Iva Davies without the curly haired mullet! What a travesty he cut it off - he could have kept it and now it would be an ironic mullet! Love your dress up photos too Mel! xx

  16. Ha, I've been away from the internet for a few days with a chest infection - I have to say that coming here and seeing these photos has cheered me up no end! Nice costumes :)

  17. Oh what fun Mel!! Love your Cyndi Lauper/Kiss outfits!! I seriously thought that shot of you as a young girl was your daughter until I kept reading... she looks SOOOO much like you! Love Icehouse... how great to see them (even if Iva Davies did have short hair). And the wedding dress party sounded like great fun too - love what you wore xx

  18. Such a lot of fun! Love all your outfits! xx

  19. PS Congrats on making into the top 100 of Voices of 2013!!!

  20. I am playing catch up on blog reading so I am a bit behind on the comments. My family love dress up parties and we have another one coming up next month for my mums 60th in NZ. You guys looked great.