Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet Our Sydney Girls

I hope you have had a lovely weekend!

There has been a request from Mrs Bok to see my 'Girls' - I have a sneaking suspicion that she is even more obsessed with these lovely creatures than myself, if that is possible!

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce "Sarah" & "Leesa", our 1 yr old Isa Brown Chooks.

Life isn't quite as sunny without a couple of chooks in the backyard and we sadly had to leave Bok Bok 1, 2, 3 and 4 back in Tassie. So these Girls were one of our first purchases when we arrived in Sydney. They were bought as day-old chicks in May last year.  I'm pretty sure we are the ONLY house in this area that has chooks but I'm hoping to start a new trend :-)

They were inside the house in this brooder box for 6 weeks (although curious little fingers opening the doors meant we were often searching high and low for them and finding them in warm places like behind the hot water cylinder or next to the dryer).

They were loved to death by Miss Fancy, Blue Eyes, Little Buddy & D

 They are big girls now and free-range most of the day.

I opted for a metal chook tractor for easy cleaning and portability. It has an 'upstairs' nesting box - an egg a day from each of these lovely Girls.

They are such great pets and are frequently found on the porch wanting to come in (cute) and if the door is open they will make their way into the kids bedrooms (and make the most revolting of messes - not so cute!!!)


  1. SO CUTE!!!
    I love how you say that life isn't as sunny without a couple of chooks, so true.
    I must say, they do look very healthy and well cared for, what does the Whippet think of them?

  2. OH THANK YOU!!!!!! They are soooooo gorgeous! How lovely to have had them inside for 6 weeks! They must be so tame and friendly from that experience and I'm sure the kids will be sneaking them into their know you can get nappies for chickens! Saw them advertised somewhere and had a good laugh...although now I also see the merits!
    A home just isn't a home without hens in the backyard. Any time I get a free 10 mins I like sitting out with them enjoying a cup of tea. They are lovely. I'm sure the whippet loves them too ;) Thank you for sharing them with us :)