Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Love Affair with the Apple Isle: Prologue

So the decision to return to Tasmania with the family and the Whippet has been made.

Fair enough, I hear you say!

But for my own sake I think I need to pen down a bit of history because my head is spinning.

You see, this will actually be the 3rd time we are going to live on the Apple Isle and it has come to my attention that this may look like we are little crazy and somewhat lacking in direction. Not that I should really care what anyone thinks. I have a solid track record of NOT choosing the conventional route of doing things in life. And now that I am a grown-up I'm also caring less and less what people think :-).

Anyway, I hope you can indulge me in a bit of background as to how a girl from NSW met The Piano Man from Northern Territory in an Irish Pub in Canberra and ended up in Tasmania.

I first fell in love with Tasmania 15 years ago as a bright-eyed 19yr old uni student from Canberra.

It was during a Uni break that I set off with a German mate to spend 2 weeks on this mysterious Island I had heard so much about. We spent the first week doing the famous Overland Track (before the arrival of duckboards, loads of Tourists and the walk-1-way-only policy). The scenery was breathtaking. It was so unique and beautiful and still remains one of the most amazing walks I have ever done (and I have done some pretty special ones in Alaska and Canada, but I digress….). In fact, I loved it so much I did it again 4 years later with the Piano Man.

The second week was spent travelling around the Island in a hire car, staying in Backpackers and B&B’s. I couldn’t believe such a tiny island could be packed with so many goodies. There were breathtaking world heritage wilderness areas, wild rivers, sleepy villages, rainforests, pristine beaches that went on forever, gorgeous lake areas, rolling hills and a list of quaint towns and villages too many to mention. I loved the architecture. The locals were a friendly bunch too. To top it off, it had Hobart as its Capital, a picturesque city located on one of the most beautiful deep Harbours in the world with the dominating Mt Wellington as its backdrop. Hobart had a great vibe, not too big, not too small, and I remember thinking that I would love to live here one day….

I often wonder how many people decide to move to a place after experiencing a wonderful trip there. Have you?

Part 1 of 3 of My Love Affair With The Apple Isle coming soon.....


  1. Hi Mel - thought I would return the favour and comment here! Funny enough we moved to Australia after holidaying here! I had always wanted to live here anyway, but I fell in love with Sydney and Melbourne. My hubby loved Sydney and Adelaide, so we picked Sydney. (we are now in Brisbane after 8 yrs in Sydney)

    Deb from home life simplified (blogger does not let me sign in as a regular id with my url)

  2. Hello lovely! Welcome to blog land :)
    I love Tasmania. So wild and beautiful. I'm in Melbourne.
    Stick up pics of your chooks, we can suggest names perhaps! x

  3. WOW!
    I've never heard the State described so admiringly!
    You should be working for Tourism Tasmania :-)
    Mr D and I came here for a quick visit and ...well... 8 years and 3 children later.

  4. I too am a huge fan of Tasmania.

    My family has a shack down at South Arm. I cannot tell you how much I love to holiday there.

    It is the one place aside from Adelaide that I could be persuaded to move to...

    Thank you for popping over to my blog the other day - Multiple Mum and I have similar tastes in all things blogging!


  5. Hi Mel, I have been reading your blog with interest. I am about to return to Tasmania for the second time with my husband and son . We have bought the Presbytery in Franklin. My biggest delemma at present is plucking up the courage to tell my family, especially my sister who has retired near where I live. We can't wait to return and I understand your sentiments.

    1. Hi Cate,

      Congratulations! I LOVE that Presbytery, you lucky ducks! It is so great being back here and I'm sure you will love being back too. It's an addictive place isn't it?! I don't know where you are from but it really is only a short flight back to the Mainland to visit friends and relatives. We don't have any family here either and it was hard telling them we were moving back here AGAIN but they understand why we enjoy living here so much. It's a great destination for them to visit too!

      I don't have any contact details for you, but you can e-mail me if you'd like to keep in touch.

      Good luck!


    2. Hi Mel, my email is and we hope to move down in December, I will keep in touch and all the best with your exciting times ahead, your birth in particular, I am a nurse by profession and just love babies!!!