Sunday, November 27, 2011

Farewell Sydney

What a roller coaster of emotions I have experienced this past week!

There is something extremely odd about leaving a place for a 3 month trek around Australia and never returning back to it as your home. Another way to look at it is moving interstate via a 3 month holiday. Not the usual way of doing things.

Either way, it involves excitement at the impending adventure and sadness at saying goodbye to so many lovely friends and family. I thought the excitement of the adventure would take the sting out of the sadness. It doesn't. Both emotions are equally as strong as the other and take command depending on the situation I'm in. I'm not even going to mention the teary farewell with my sister and my nephews and the heaviness in my heart knowing I will miss my little visits with my Grandpa.

There's the stress of organising an interstate move, new job, trip around Australia in less than 3 weeks with 4 young children and an anxious Whippet in the wings.

Let's also not forget about the frustration at having the entire house packed up 2 days earlier than we planned to leave thanks to a logistical error on behalf of the removalist.

I'd love to say that we left Sydney and sailed away in the glorious sunset 2 days earlier but we couldn't due to all sorts of things happening in the last 2 days. So with everything gone from the house, we literally slept on the street in our caravan the last 2 nights in Sydney. How romantic! The first night we slept on our own street. The last night we parked in my cousins driveway so we could have a few drinks at the farewell dinner she hosted and literally stumble into bed. The portable home is quite handy really!

So, a huge thank you to everyone who made us welcome in Sydney these past 18 months. I know I will keep in touch with many of you and our paths will cross again soon.

Thanks to the class mums who organised a spectacular farewell for Miss Fancy which included a party and an amazing Book collating letters, photos and drawings from all her friends. She will cherish it forever!

Thanks to my cousin for the lovely family farewell, to my friends for their lovely send off, to Belinda for making this awesome cake below and Shira for organising the soiree and to everyone who gave us gifts, grog, caravan pamper packs, activity sets for the kids, for those who had our kids over to play and to those who arrived bearing gifts of real coffee when our coffee machine was all packed up. I'm so grateful!

Thanks to the ladies I see twice a week where we partake in a strange sport that is something like synchronised swimming but on land. Goodness knows why we do it but gee we have a lot of fun. I Love the goodies in the Survival Kit, particularly the straw with the wine when things get especially desperate on the road. You know me and my family situation well! 

There have been requests from friends and family to keep them in the loop during our travels and a request from my Grandpa to record our adventures daily. I can't promise I'll publish daily but I will write daily. If I don't then I have all these thoughts bouncing around in my head which causes me to have nightmares where letters of the alphabet start hammering my brain. Disturbing! And hence this Blog.

So welcome any newcomers to my Blog. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to drop me a line from time to time.

Bon Voyage!


  1. Oh Mel. My goodness, you're really experiencing a whole gamut of emotions all at the same time. It must be exhausting, but also enervating, as well. Bon voyage! And yes, that cake is a classic ☺. J x

  2. Yay Mel!!!! You're going to have such a ball! Looking forward to reading about your travels

  3. Wishing you safe travels Mel. Look forward to following along on your journey.