Friday, December 23, 2011

It's All About The Rock

Hello? Anyone still there?

I know it's just 2 days before Christmas and all but this is my first Christmas in Blogland and I'm noticing that it is very quiet out there. I do hope you are all embracing the end of year festivities and enjoying some Christmas Cheer.

The Big Adventure continues as we swan ourselves around the Country so there has been very little Christmas action on our homefront as yet. None. There's still time to squeeze in some shopping though, right? RIGHT? 

We decided to escape the smoke which descended upon Alice Springs as a result of the recent bush fires and after scraping the ash off our car and replacing Matilda with our tent, we headed out to Uluru for a few days of camping.

Everyone in the family has some must see/must do items on their Wish Lists and for Blue Eyes, Uluru was at the very top of his. I was a bit concerned that after 5 hours of driving there may have been a bit of disappointment when he saw The Rock. It is, after all, just a rock. But you can imagine the look on his face when he saw it in the flesh after previously asking whether the largest rock in the World would be any taller than me. He bounded out of the car, the others following him and they all raced around like little tornadoes.

And what a sensational time we had. I've lost count of how many times we have uttered the words, "we are so lucky!" over the last few days.

Anyone would be thrilled to capture a glimpse of the rock like we did in the photo below. It's majestic, beautiful and amazing. It simply doesn't disappoint. 

However, if you were being cheeky and want to see The Rock in all its glorious forms you may dare to ask for the following. You would ask for the clouds to disperse so you could see the sun light it up like the proverbial Christmas Tree. And you may also ask for the clouds to return to brew up a storm, but just over The Rock and not at the campsite. And then you would request some lightning action to be thrown into the mix so you can spend an awe-inspiring hour at the look-out near the campsite enjoying a spectacular light show. Your camera will co-operate and you will be able to capture the moment when a bolt of lighting descends from the clouds onto The Rock. You know, like the ones the real famous photographers take.

You may then ask for there to be just enough rain so that in the 5 minutes before you leave, you can see The Rock with some waterfalls cascading down it. A rare rare sight indeed. If you were really really cheeky you could also ask to see a wild Dingo and then ask said Dingo to place itself in front of The Rock and stand still while you fumble around finding your iPhone because you think no one could possibly believe that you saw such a sight. A sight that would take your breath away and leave you speechless.

We saw it all. 


How lucky are we!!!




Real Lightning captured by me. Really.
Waterfalls by morning

No way!

You've got to be kidding me!!!


  1. Wow what a magnificent group of photos. I hope your christmas is a wonderful one while on your adventure.

  2. Oh my. The spirit and magic of the rock, and her essence of mystery are all tied up in you being in the right place at the right time. Brilliant photos. Xx

  3. I was blown away when I went there. It surprised me how touched I was by it. Your photos are incredible - how about that friendly dingo just stopping by for a tourist shot!?! You are indeed lucky but you totally deserve it :-) xx

  4. i have never been but would love to. what an experience, I'm sure your children will never forget!
    it's been lovely to find a new blog, and I especially like ones a bit closer to home. Merry Christmas to you Mel and your family, hope it's a memorable one on the road.

  5. Words don't really 'do it' do they, but if you can't actually visit 'the rock' yourself then photos like these are what you need, brilliant!

    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours Mel x

  6. Oh wow what a Christmas present from nature! Fantastic pics, it must have been a zillion times more awesome first hand though!

    Merry Christmas wherever you are today xx

  7. How absolutely brilliant, Mel! I am *so* pleased for you - what an extraordinary experience for you all to share. I'm loving this vicarious holiday through you ☺. J x

  8. Hi there, have just happened across you blog. what great photos of The Rock. and the lightning, and the dingo, no way. I wonder what it would say to you if it could talk?!? happy new year to you and yours. Jane x