Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Scenes from South Australia

So here we are in the northern half of South Australia. 

The southern half we'll see after we complete our loop around.

Anyone live here? It's gorgeous beyond words! The golden wheat fields, majestic sandstone houses, classic windmills, and historic old towns just make me want to call the removalist and tell them to leave our belongings in transit as I may change my mind about our final destination. 

Only kidding, my friends in Tassie!

The above photos were taken in Jamestown, Appila and Terowie. Again, we were the only people in Terowie on this particular day besides a man painting an awning. He took the last photo above - a rare thing to get us all together. And my goodness, don't we look the part! My attire is courtesy of Nyngan Vinnies - Floral Dress $4 and Original Akubra Hat in Bottle Green $1. Miss Fancy also chose yellow and white checked pants from Broken Hill Vinnies, $2. I thought we couldn't go wrong at those prices but seeing us in the photo now against that backdrop I see that instead of floral country chic we actually mastered country bumpkin rather well! 

Anyway, we stayed a couple of days in lovely Jamestown just in time for their Country Christmas Pageant.

I have never been to such an extravaganza but it was a highlight of our weekend. And this is why:

The whole town gets involved with a community spirit that I find so fresh and endearing. 

The young people get dressed in their Sunday best.

The Big Band plays.

Lots of floats, including Thomas do a few laps of main street.

There are entertainers.

The pets get festive.

You meet people like this retired mechanic who invites you into his shed to show you the miniature replica tractors he makes. For fun. Just because.

 And also so he can ride them in the pageant.

There are markets showcasing local produce that even the locals love.

Whoever isn't involved sits on the sidelines to watch and cheer. Here we have the Pianoman with Little Buddy and D who quickly learned that if you wave you get lollies from the Fire Truck.

And here we have Miss Fancy and Blue Eyes scoring a guernsey on the Fire Truck, throwing lollies out to all the kids.


  1. Ooooh, I am feeling all proud and parocial now! Brilliant photos!

  2. You seem to be following the same path we took on our Great Annual Road Trip,(2011 edition). If you head down the Golden Highway (wonderful drive), don't forget to stop at the main street cafe in Dunadoo. Like a time warp. It's the best little cafe in NSW country in my opinion. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

  3. Great photos, it was lovely that the kids could all get so involved with the parade.

  4. Incredibly like mid-west America! Is this how the Tasmanian terrain looks? How much longer until you arrive at your final destination?