Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monkey Mia & Shark Bay


Shell Beach
This awesome beach was made up of millions of teeny tiny white cockle shells.

Miss Fancy is an ocean lover so she has really been in paradise since we landed on the coast of Western Australia. 

Her top priority for the trip was to see some dolphins. But since we didn't know which loop we would take with The Big Adventure, there were two fail proof options available. Either we could see the dolphins at Sea World in Queensland or, as I believe I put it at the time, "if we don't go to Queensland we will be able to actually see and feed the dolphins in the ocean at Monkey Mia. And it's  FREE!"

So, please allow me to now remove my foot from my mouth and break down the real costs of this free experience.

Cost of staying on the beach with a mob of friendly Emus as your neighbours: $58

Cost of National Park Fees: $30

Pet Bond: $50

Cost of 2 peach ciders to kick off the afternoon: $14

Number of grey hairs that emerged while patiently waiting for the dolphins to make their appearance from the depths of the ocean: many

The number of times I had to tell the kids that the dolphins were coming "soon": about 100

Cost of petrol to drive 10,000km from Sydney to Monkey Mia: too much so let's not go there yet!

The look on Miss Fancy's face after she was picked to feed the dolphin its daily allocation of fish: Priceless


Playing with her calf

"I'm here for my daily allocation of fish please".

Happiness :-)


  1. Is anything free anywhere, any more? Never mind! All the results were worth it. You'll forget the cost and remember those expressions!

  2. Ohhh, every bit worth it by the looks of those delightful photos Mel. What a tremendous experience, I have always wanted to go to Monkey Mia, everything about it sounds gorgeous. Your little lady will remember these moments for an eternity, precious :o)
    Must say I LOVE the look of that Shell Beach, WOWZERS, that would be a beautiful sight xo

  3. Awww - beautiful.
    A dream realised.
    Have I mentioned that this trip is the adventure of a lifetime??!!!

  4. Still sounds cheaper than Seaworld (except for the driving from Sydney bit) but oh so worth it. That last shot is priceless - that smile is beautiful and I'm sure worth every penny.

    Mel, your photos are capturing all these memories so beautifully.

    I hate to admit this, but until seeing your last few posts while on the WA coast, I had know idea it was so beautiful - I want to go!

  5. One happy little lady! Sometime priceless is worth what it actually costs :D

  6. How fantastic! Lucky Miss Fancy! What a memorable experience!