Friday, July 27, 2012

On the Homefront

In hindsight I think I have been suffering from Re-Entry Syndrome this week. 

You know that feeling when you first return home from a gorgeous trip feeling inspired and invigorated and you sail through the day with an abundance of zeal and a smile on your face? That is exactly how I felt upon returning from Vietnam after a lovely interlude with the Pianoman where I didn't have to contend with dishes, interruptions, routines or demands. However, that feeling is quickly replaced after a week or so with a general fatigue when the reality of the daily grind bites and suddenly the washing piles up, the children start bickering again and the clothes dryer breaks down from overuse.

I didn't realise I was suffering the post-holiday blues until I woke up this morning and everything was bright and sunny again. I looked out the window and I swear you could be forgiven for thinking that we were experiencing an early Spring. The weather is such a tease. It is cool but the sun is shining and the sky is a brilliant blue. It makes me very happy indeed.

I do love this time of year. 

The trees are blossoming.

There are all sorts of pretty things happening in the garden. I walked around the house today and look what I found. We have cream and pink Hellebores, Jonquils and Daffodils and Snowbells too. 

Mustn't forget the Whippet. He is also soaking up the winter sun, rearranging himself across the floor as the shadows change position.

And it's lambing season! 

Is there anything more delightful than the sight of these little white woolly lambs? My gorgeous friend down the road has an orphan lamb that we got to cuddle today. So far, we haven't had any orphans of our own but with thousands of lambs being born in the area at the moment there is a good chance we will see one up at the house in the near future.

A few of you have asked how the Kidlets coped without us for the 10 days. Well, I was never really worried about them as much as I was concerned about me missing them as well as the mental health of their Grandparents who so kindly offered to look after them. I know how hectic and demanding the days can be. Although I told them to please just do the basics and forget about all the extra stuff, they insisted on wanting the "complete Grandparent experience". So to that end, although I'm a bit of an 'unplanner' of sorts, I left behind a folder of Timetables, Schedule of Activities and Maps with detailed instructions which would have rivalled Tolstoy's "War and Peace". They did an absolute stellar job and they all had a lovely time together. An extra special mention must go to my Father-In-Law who has earned himself "Legendary Status" from my friends and teachers as he had to care for the 4 Kidlets all by himself for the final 3 days as my Mother-In-Law had to head back to Alice Springs for work. Like many men of his generation, he is not renowned for his hands-on approach to child-rearing but to his absolute credit, he continued on with the routine and managed the swimming lessons, playgroup and school stuff with ease. In fact I would say he had to go the extra mile. This is the final text message we received from him the night before we arrived home.

To say he had the complete Grandparent experience is an understatement.

Speaking of excellent parenting, have you heard of those negligent Mothers who put their children to bed with a Panadol only to find out days later that their child has actually a broken limb? Well that negligent Mother was me. After 8 years of parenting we had our first break. And with all the shenanigans the boys get up to, I did not think the first break would go to Miss Fancy. On Monday she slipped on a ball on the basketball courts while at school. It was just a bit sore and we heard nothing more about it until Thursday when she opted to give Hockey training a miss because her wrist was still sore. I took her straight to the GP that afternoon and an X-Ray later confirmed she had broken her wrist.  Apparently braking a bone doesn't always hurt and the only tears we got from her was when the GP told her she's be off sport for at least a month.

In other news, Blue Eyes got his first Certificate at Assembly today. He has been working so hard at School, trying to catch up because there is an extra year of schooling in the Tasmanian School system and he therefore missed out on doing 3 day Kindergarten last year. His Award was for "Fabulous work in all areas of his learning".

I am in organisation mode in preparation for the new addition (more on the 'bump' next time, I promise!) and to simplify my life a bit, the Pianoman drives the kids to School in the mornings and the kids are now catching the bus home from School. They have been literally begging me to let them do it since we got here but I just wanted to make sure they were all settled in first. The little bus drops them home right at the bottom of the driveway and they walk up to the house. Sometimes it takes them a good half hour. Look, here they come now!

Finally, I am so excited about the Olympics. Are you all in Olympic fever too? It will actually be the first time in 12 years (since Sydney 2000) that I have watched the Olympics from the comfort of my own lounge room. 8 years ago, Miss Fancy screamed her way into the world as we watched Ian Thorpe swim for Gold from the birthing suite of the Hospital and 4 years ago, in a case of deja vue, the twins made their entrance into the world as Stephanie Rice took Gold in the Pool in Beijing.

And that is a little of what is happening around here on the home front. Sorry to bore you with all my wafflings!

I am tapping away on the laptop tonight because The Pianoman has a bad case of "Man-Flu" and has crashed on the couch with the Whippet, abandoning his game of "Plants v Zombies". Think we are in for a very quiet weekend.

What about you?

Update: The Pianoman is mortified at being photographed with the pink granny blanket while looking very unflattering but I reassured him that it was all in an effort to keep things real.


  1. Hi Mel, I really enjoyed reading that post, you do put things in writing so well. And what a spectacular view you have from the lounge room! We're all excited for the Olympics too, we have tickets for Sunday & Monday & will be watching lots more on TV. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Lovely to hear from you Mel. My baby Sal was born during Olympics 8 years ago as well. Chuckled at your dismissal of Miss Fancy's wrist, I experienced something a little similar this week, when someone else's little girl fell out of the pram. We all told the mum she'd be fine, weren't many tears, no blood (my main measure of injury level). A trip to town later revealed a broken collar bone!
    Really enjoyed your post. How long till Number 5?

  3. Love where you live Mel, it is so pretty and that view is stunning! I could almost smell the jonquils and blossoms. The change of seasons is probably the biggest thing I miss living in Sydney. The grandparents did a stellar job of taking care of the kids!!! Emma x

  4. Don't worry. The bone guilt is wide spread. Mine ran an 800m districts run after having her foot crushed under an uber soccer players boots the night before. That was tuesday night. Friday I had it checked just to stop her banging on about it. Seems there are damaged tendons and all! Oops! The resilient ones are in greatest peril!

    Have you had the scan that confirms it is a single pregnancy? I felt quite relieved after my first set to always be on the single bandwagon. Once was fun. twice...?

    Your sea change looks so peaceful. I am going to look at Tassie real estate now.

    1. I have had 3 scans but am still convinced there is an extra one hiding in there - I'm huge!! Were you after your twins?

  5. Hi Mel love your posts! Love a bit of your home life too. I'm very over winter. Too cold wet and bare out there even the chooks are complaining to me about it as they follow me around the yard. Going away ourselves in a few months with the kids just two weeks but we cannot wait!! No way my parents would ha e our kids I do envy you!!

  6. Oh Mel, that view from your window has me VERY envious - it's stunning. How lovely to wake up to that each day!! It sounds like your father-in-law did a fantastic job looking after your children for his solo stint. What a gem. Your children are just the sweetest looking four ever. Hope your weekend is a great one... I too am hoping to catch some of the Olympics x

  7. My husband also takes our children to Our daughter used to walk and I'd take her to the bottom of the driveway and cross her over our busy my bathrobe. I'd wave to a couple of parents on their way driving to the same school. Then my husband mentioned that it really wasn't a very good look and when I thought about it, he was right! I long for a bus to bring them home takes me most of the afternoon to chauffeur them home. Rx

  8. That view is to die for.
    The grandparents sound like they loved looking after your precious ones.
    I think"Granny", suits the Pianoman..He he he...
    Have you popped over and entered my Aussie bloggers giveaway yet,I hope you will..xx

  9. What a great post Mel, I love all of your photos. Your home is just so beautiful, it looks like the PERFECT place to raise a family and all that sunshine... WOW... Tassie looks more attractive every time I see it.
    You look very cute cuddled up to that sweet little lamb by the way.
    Poor Miss Fancy, amazing the injuries we are capable of carrying, without even knowing... at least she is on the mend now. I was always doing rough and tumble things as a little one, with a few broken bones here and there... must be having brothers that does it.
    Well done Blue Eyes, love that pic of all the boys, so cute.
    And how fantastic to have a bus dropping the kidlets off at the end of the driveway, door-to-door service.
    The last pic is great, my hubby loves laying on the lounge with a knitted blanket my Mama made too... it's pink and purple, he looks very pretty under it ;)
    Look forward to seeing the 'bump' post soon xoxo

  10. Typical whippet there!

    You really do live in the most beautiful place Mel, I never thought Australia was for me but you've sold me on Tassie :D

    Get well soon to the injured/sick ones and well done to the stalwart grandies and the certificate holder.

  11. I am sure that the Grandparents cherished the time they spent caring for their grandchildren.
    Hope your beautiful girl's wrist mends quickly and she can get back to her beloved sports soon.
    The comment re Pianoman's photo- Mr Techno always complains when I take photos of him around the house, in all states of dishevelment. As I say to him, well, that's how I see it at home, I am just capturing our home life as it is i.e. Keeping It Real.

  12. Oh those lambs are divine! Absolutely divine! Is there anything cuter with lambs? Sometimes I'm not sure if there is!

    I'm happy that your holiday blues went away!

  13. All gorgeous! Love that the crochet blanket is in three photos!! Is this the one you made??? Missing you muchly!!
    Love from us all - Lara, Jon, Megan, Shelley& Oscar xo

  14. welcome home! you are so blessed to have such wonderful babysitters!!!
    I am a nurse...3 of my kids broke bones and I gave them husband who has zero medical knowledge immediately diagnosed the breaks.

  15. I love that you are keeping it real Mel...tell your Pianoman...he is still dashing, even with granny blanket. :) Just loving your post..I feel like I am there with you. Being a mother of four myself, I can relate on so many fronts...even the panadol experience. :) Your children are just gorgeous as are you in that photo! Bump?...more info please!!
    So glad you stopped by and have been able to follow our mad mad world as we settle into life in HCMC. I am going to have a read to see where you travelled in VN. It is such a wonderful many little surprises, every where you turn.

    Hope the jet lag takes a turn for the better soon.

    Jeanne xx

    PS... very impressed with skills of grandfather too!! :)

  16. Oh Mel, I've been saving this post up to comment on for ages as it's so chock-a-block full of fabulous things. I'm sorry the holiday effect was so short-lived but pleased the grandparents were such stalwarts. I love seeing your new do - it's time I did in person. That's brilliant that you don't have to do the school run. Fabulous. The Pianoman is a keeper, despite his granny tendencies! J x

  17. Glad you had a lovely time. I laughed at your FIL's text. What a keeper. Your husband looks very comfy and I covet that blanket. It's gorgeous!

  18. Oh honey, no broken bones but this happens ALL THE TIME. Just tell them about the USA Olympic 4 x 400m relay runner who broke his leg & still ran the last 300m in the heats (so they could eventually win GOLD) now that is tough!! Love Posie