Monday, August 6, 2012

A Date With My "Grannies"

The Pianoman is over his "Man-Flu" and now that everyone in the house has made a complete recovery from the dreaded lurgy I am now allowed to feel miserable and have some recovery of my own.

I have been on the couch all day. I have not left the couch. Or the house. Unlike the Pianoman who declared himself "too busy" to take a day off work which prolonged his illness a further week until he was diagnosed with secondary Sinusitis last Friday, I will do whatever is necessary to get better quick smart. I may push a few buttons on household appliances but will ignore their contents. I will not do a single thing but rest here on this couch today. That's what us smart Mums do. We are not Martyrs. We nip these things in the bud. We know that we need to be back on board as soon as possible. There is no back-up. It's just me down here on this little island. I have been dosing up on lemon, ginger, garlic and honey teas and drinking Orange Juice. I have no funny in me today but will rely on the little boys for some wit and charm. They rarely disappoint. They can do and eat and watch whatever their little hearts desire today until the bigger kids come home from school and play with them. The fridge and pantry have kept them entertained. The Pianoman will come home early.

It's not all bad. I am having a little date with my "Grannies". I have been busy working away on my granny squares that I started way back here in March as part of Pip's Granny A Day project. I am making an Autumn-inspired blanket for a special little someone bouncing around in my belly. I got carried away with my first square and it doubled in size and then tripled. So I have extra large Grannies which have taken longer than a day to make. I have just 2 more to complete my stack and I think I have the energy to complete them today. I can't wait to put them together. I hope I like it. It is possible that I may not because I haven't seen it completed yet. I 'winged it'. This is not a great idea as a beginner because it takes so long to crochet in the beginning and once you start you don't want to waste a single Granny. In my head I thought it would look OK but in real life it may not. But it does't matter because I made it myself and the making of it has been such fun! However, I have been naughty and undisciplined and not dealt with a single yarn end. What a darn nuisance they are (pun intended!!).

I will be back soon, hopefully with less 'woe is me' dribble. Sorry!

Love Mel xx

PS. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last Post. I thought my 'ordinary' day to day stuff may be a little dull but I really enjoyed your responses and notice that I actually tend to like similar Posts of fellow bloggers that give a glimpse into your everyday going-on's. So I think I will make "On The Homefront" a regular feature on my Blog. It's good to have a regular catch-up type of Post of little things happening instead of having a list of individual Posts clogging up my baby brain and little time to write them out in full.
Join a Granny A Day with Pip!!!


  1. Mornin' Mel :D (Well it is here, I'm just catching up with blogs over a lazy breakfast.)

    Feel better ... a day on the sofa with yarn sounds exactly like what the doctor ordered. And thanks for the link ... I've been learning to crochet from Pip's 101 :D

    The colour palette you have there looks great to me, and I love that the whippet snuck into the top pic :D

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon, a day on the sofa sounds just the right medicine, sending good wishes from over here in the UK x

  3. Hope you make a speedy recovery love.

  4. Oh quite the contrary Mel, I found your post extremely uplifting and inspirational... for a sick Mama with a large family and so much going on. You really are so clever, knowing that you NEED to take a day out to relax. You're absolutely spot on, if we don't get better and become sicker, the agony will be prolonged. No sense in that.
    Your granny squares look lovely and I hope you managed to get them all completed today... AND snuck in some nap time too.
    Roll on the warmer weather and be done with these dreaded Wintery lurgies, they're just the pits!
    Hope you feel much better tomorrow lovely xo

  5. I hope you're feeling better soon Mel. I'm with you, no point being a martyr.
    Your granny squares look great. Having them larger means less sewing together, and that has to be a good thing. I recently finished a small granny blanket and I felt that tidying up the ends took nearly as long as crocheting the whole blanket. Well, maybe not but it did take a long time but it feels great when you do finish.
    Take care x

  6. Sounds like you have the recovery process all sorted - hope you feel better very soon!

  7. Granny squares look very therapeutic. I haven't made any since school days except for dollhouse blankets etc. It may be time to revisit the squares. Joining them up can be a bit tiresome. Try a ripple next time. You finish the last stitch and it's done! (I have a no ends joining technique I may share with you one day.) The lurgy jumped ship from the kids to me yesterday so I'm with you on the couch!

  8. oh no! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Ordinary day posts are my favourite as well, love sticky beaking into other people's lives!! xx

  9. I hope that you feel better soon!!!!

  10. I hope you are feeling better soon. I am hopeless at crafty things so am terribly impressed that you managed to make those squares!

  11. Oh Sweetheart, I'm just catching up on your posts. So sorry to hear you've been so under the weather. I wondered what you were up to! Will try to call you tomorrow. I can't wait to see the finished Granny. I am just tentatively starting to teach myself to crochet so would welcome some tuition! J x