Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hello lovely Blog friends. 

How is your Wednesday going?

I'm still here. 

Still waiting.


Still a Mum of 4.

Taking things slow.

Enjoying long walks around the farm.

Embracing the calm.

Watching the echidna cross the driveway.

Marvelling at all the Ants crawling over its back.

Walking up to the top of our hill after dinner with my Love when the kids are in bed. 

Admiring the view.

Wondering whether we will have a Spring or Summer Baby.

Hoping everything is OK.

Getting very uncomfortable.

Almost cried when I dropped the soap in the shower.

Can't sleep.

Distracting myself with some monotonous crochet*.

Doing a bit of preparatory reading. 

Dusting off the only birth book I have after 8 years and reminiscing about life before Kids and being a couple with just a Whippet puppy who had a fetish for chewing book spines (or a dislike for the impending new additions?). Poor Remy Boy.

So any day now.....

We are so excited and ready to meet you Baby.

Hope you are ready for us!

Anyone want to play the gender guessing game?

Any tips on how to spend these last days?

Mel x

* I decided to make the Kids little crochet gifts from the Baby and the overwhelming request was for Minecraft characters. Minecraft is a game. This is the Creeper. I had to google what a Creeper was and found this pattern.  I created a bit of a stir after posting my Creeper on Facebook yesterday. Apparently it resembles an appendage of the male anatomy. Totally didn't see that in my 40+ week pregnant state! But just in case you did, I included an image of the real Creeper in this Post :-)


  1. Mel you are such a calm personality, this little one sounds like he/she is the same (I think it's a boy btw).
    Wishing you all the best in this wonderful time. Relax. Enjoy. Breathe! Loving those photos up on the hill.
    Had a chuckle over the Creeper.
    cheers Wendy

  2. I'm chuckling too!
    I've got no advice as I've not had the pleasure of motherhood yet but you seem to have it all under control. I love the pic of your clan in front of the crib, that's a lovely memory to have captured. As for gender I'm guessing a boy too. Good luck. Hope the next post brings news of the new addition!
    Jo x

  3. I went overdue two weeks with my Lola, and still reckon it was the cleaning of the bathroom ceiling (!) that finally brought her on. Not recommended. Crochet is a much better option. (Are you drilling that page from Zaza into your big kids? We love that book... "When mum came home she was very tired, and remained that way for three long years... ). ;)

    1. Yep tired for 8 years here!!! There's a page in the other book I love where it says Mum is so tired she falls asleep on the couch at night-the kids didn't even raise an eyebrow when they saw that picture :-)

  4. wow overdue i bet your uncomfortable,excited and everything else inbetween..i was over due once and gosh i remember all those feelings.

    Im guessing a Girl?!

    and so pretty where you are.

  5. Goodluck with it all Mel. Love the Creeper too. Our kids are all growing up so fast! Eliza and Miss E are the same age arent they, as well as Lewis and Master C? I keep thinking how amazing you are, and how calm you seem (unllike me), despite having 2 (nearly 3) extra bundles of fun. A beautiful mother indeed.
    Ness x

    1. Aww Ness - was it really 6 years ago we had our boys in Hospital together-crazy!

  6. Oh Mel, what wonderful words as you anticipate the arrival of your baby! If I were to guess I think you are having a girl! Your four children are stunningly beautiful! How old are they? They must be so excited to be getting a brother or sister! I love that photo of that book with the little zebra and his mummy... I hope that you are looked after too! Rest, read, and do whatever you want. The pic of you on top of your hill is gorgeous. pregnancy agrees with you! thinking of you x

    1. Thanks Brenda! They are 8, 6 and Twins are 4 - I needed to double the gap after them :-)

  7. I'm guessing a girl, but only because that picture of you is so stunning and the creeper has me in stitches. xo

  8. Oh I feel for you. I was 2 weeks over for my first and found it excruciating! Hope it happens soon x

  9. The creeper. Hilarious. Good luck with what's coming soon, being overdue sucks. xx

  10. Oh Mel your belly is just beautiful. All my babies were late to check out too. Between 10-13 days wait. I put it down to everything being so comfy in there. I was very teary towards the end too - my lovely man would take me for gentle hill walks to try and bring the labour on. I would spend most of the walk bawling my eyes out as I was just so over it! Makes me laugh now though. All the best for baby's arrival. I think you may be having another boy xo

  11. I think the baby is a girl. Love your photos and your locality. Just beautiful.

    I had three boys, all now grown up but can remember the last few days quite clearly. Mine were all three weeks early although dates were right. I hate to think of the size each would have been full term!

  12. Two of mine were two weeks overdue as well. I have no idea of gender but I know that my daughter was really hoping for a baby girl when our fourth son appeared...and he is and was such a blessing that it didn't matter in the end.

  13. Get thee to a swimming pool or deep bath. I found weightless in water was the way to spend the last few weeks. It always seemed to float them into position or something and took the pressure off. I totally got that it was Minecraft because I have a bit more exposure to that of late. I never do the guessing game. I'm hopeless at it although you look to be doing the boy shape.
    Those children look so excited! They'll be timing their cuddles with the egg timer. That's how mine kept it even. I barely got a nurse of the fifth!

  14. Too funny about the crochet. I never saw that either until you mentioned it. My only natural birth was a surprise (I thought she was due two weeks later) and the other three were c-sections so I've never really been overdue and nervously expecting. I wish I had some good advice for you. Keep climbing mountains I guess. You look ready to go any minute.

    I love that photo of the four in the front of the cot. I can sense their excitement! That's what babies are for ... to be loved by brothers and sisters. I always wonder about only children.

    I'm hoping for a baby girl (called Margaret!) Either way, I expect he or she will be beautiful!xo

  15. Hang in there lovely lady. I know how anxious it can be... all that WAITING! You are still looking absolutely stunning, you incredible woman! My tip is a girl x

  16. I sense another boy on the way but it will not matter. I hope you are well for these last few days. I am sure it will be here on the weekend.

  17. You look great for being overdue. You live in a beautiful place. My guess is boy. Your belly is so perfect.

  18. Mel this waiting period really is are so close mama.
    I think if there was only one birthing book, that one (and the whippet chose it too!) is the one to have.

  19. You live in such a beautiful place Mel. I need to come back to Tassie again someday soon. Hoping that all of you are enjoying your new little boy. xxx

  20. Mel where ever you live it is quite beautiful.