Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

I'm getting to the pointy end of the pregnancy now. I'm trying to slow down as much as possible, which is physically not that difficult given I can only really move at a Turtles pace these days. We're soaking up these last few precious weeks as a family of 6 and although the weekends are still full and fun, my hands-on involvement is kept to a minimum as the Pianoman does the physical running about while I observe all the action from a comfy chair, crochet on my knees and coffee in hand. I have never done such passive parenting and after this weekend I started to wonder if this is how Grandparents feel sitting back and watching and admiring their Grandchildren, without the intensity of having to physically attend to every request, need or demand. It's been so delightful, although obviously it will only last another couple of weeks for me.

This weekend has been great and I'm a little word-weary tonight so thought I'd provide a snapshot of our weekend in pictures.

We started with Little Athletics yesterday morning. We are new to this sport and loving it so far, not least because finally we have found an activity where all 4 Kidlets can be involved at the same time. And although it means a relatively early start to the day, there are far worse places to spend a few hours than Kangaroo Bay with the glorious bay as the backdrop and the Kids absolutely love it. I think the tents are a cute touch, although no point us setting one up because with 4 Kids there is no 'down' time between activities. I have joined Christina's Christmas Ornament Swap so I sat back watching the kids from afar and started making some crochet star baubles for my swap partners using Lucy's delightful pattern. Just for the record, I am NEVER this organised. If a deadline is in 3 weeks then it will be done in 2 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours. But, I thought I better be organised for the swap as our ornaments are due the same day as the baby :-)

l then spent much of the afternoon at home doing some more baubles and upon request I also made this cute Knitted Bow Headband for Eleanor.

We spent a lovely day fishing today. I'm still so surprised how much the Kids enjoy this activity given the patience required to actually catch a fish. The 2 bigger kids cut their own bait, cast their own rods and bring in the catch themselves.

Their fishing skills are improving which is just great because in all seriousness the Kids are eating us out of house and home. Today they caught 2 fish, a reasonable sized Flathead and a small Atlantic Salmon, both enough to feed the family for entree. Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the Flathead.

Finally, with all this enforced relaxing, I've been able to practise a lot of the camera skills I learnt last weekend and so I thought I'd finally introduce you to the Kids properly. 

This is Eleanor, 8 years old. Funny, smart, pensive, loves animals, climbing trees, high achiever, she's so mature and independent it frightens me sometimes. An all round loving soul.

This is Charles, 6 years old. Loves sport, sport and sport and technology. A quiet achiever, thinker, worrier. The most placid, caring soul.

This is George, 4 years old (Twin 1). So cute I could eat him up for breakfast. Thoughtful, Quiet(er than the others) but stubborn. Sensitive, loving and cheeky.

And this is Noah, 4 years old (Twin 2). Gregarious, loud, clever, confident, active, loves cuddles, pushes the boundaries, ringleader. The pictures say it all really.

And to top off an already lovely weekend, I came across these Arum Lillies on the side of the road for 50c.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm off to catch up on all your news now.

Mel xx


  1. Hi Mel it's so lovely to meet your gorgeous kids. They look exactly how you describe their characters! Your Christmas stars are beautiful and so is the headband..I am still wondering what I am going to make for my partner!

  2. Ooh! It's exciting waiting for the last bit of the pregnancy to pass!
    Those decorations are so jolly. I love Lucy's crochet patterns. Those stars are going to be this years Christmas presents for my large extended family. Last year it was bunting.
    The camera skills are well buffed just in time for number five!

  3. dear mel, such gorgeous babies you have and what beautiful shots you got of them. my children are the same as yours, i had a girl, three sons and my last a girl. oh this takes me back, i so enjoyed pregnancy and the last three weeks of my last were such a happy sad time (it was to be my last!). and yes, grandparenting is like that, all joy!
    take good care mamma!

  4. Hello Mel,

    Goodness me; when I see how beautiful your four children are I'm not in the least bit surprised to see why you would want to make a fifth (sixth, seventh, etc.) child. Eleanor is stunning and very mature looking, isn't she? I am very much in awe, having three of my own, of larger families. I had my last, Angélique, shortly after my forty-first birthday so I knew, like Lori ann above, she would be my last. Oh, how I have savoured that pregnancy and baby years. Blissful.

    Thinking of you in your armchair.


  5. Lovely photos - what cute kidlets you've got! :)

  6. So glad you are taking it (somewhat) easy there.
    How gorgeous to meet your beautiful children - I look forward to another one soon!!
    :-) xxx

  7. What a lovely post. Eleanor is such a beautiful name and she's so delightful. And I think all three of your boys would have fun with my two. I do like a sensitive boy. Charles looks very handsome, and the George and Noah are gorgeous. I think they'll look after their little sister (have decided she'll be a girl). What a classy, beautiful family you have. I do hear you re: the eating vast quantities.

  8. Gorgeous photos of your kids. How do you get them to stay still?

    Our old place had arum lillies in the front yard. I am feeling nostalgic looking at yours.

    1. It's impossible to keep the Kids still so any photos they aren't blurry are a bit of a bonus at the moment. But you can fiddle around with the settings on manual to prevent the blur - it's just going to take lots of practice :-)

  9. So lovely to meet your children. They really are gorgeous and you are right about the photos saying it all. What a sweetie your George looks and Noah such a scamp! Charles - love his freckles and his eyelashes and Eleanor, such a great name, does she look like you as a child? Such a big sister. I sometimes wish (rather pointlessly) that my tills had been no 1 instead of no 2,with all those brothers. I dont know. Anyway loved looking at the photos and looking forward to meeting little no 5 xx Sarah

  10. Meant to say aren't blogs amazing? Lucy was my first blog find, many moons ago. I love visiting the attic. And I still can't crochet properly. I was going to book in to a beginners crochet class at my local yarn shop in a few weeks but have now been asked to help out at a charity coffee morning.... What to do? X

  11. I'm so delighted you've made your long-desired 'proper introduction' of the children, Mel. Just gorgeous and most insightful. Love it. Your crocheting and knitting skills are developing at light speed - bravo! J x

  12. Love you photography Mel. I received your lovely crochet but have been crazy busy and had not yet had time to express my thanks. I hope the last few weeks (if it lasts that long)of your pregnancy goes smoothly and I look forward to meeting the latest of your brood.

  13. Your children are beautiful Mel with such sweet personalities - I love the precious way you've described them all x