Monday, August 22, 2011


It was always going to happen but I still can't believe how fast we have gone from











Well it has taken 7 years to be exact but as you have probably heard:

"The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short".

So true! All I can do is console myself with the fact I haven't missed a second of it. I really haven't. But please slow down. Sigh.

Anyway, as I mentioned the other day, Miss Fancy wanted a tea party. I picked the 6 girls up after school and we walked home. It was pouring with rain but we all had umbrellas. That was an adventure in itself and we hadn't even left the school gates before one of the girls declared "This is the best party I have ever been to!". Wow, talk about setting the bar low - this was going to be an easy crowd to please!

This was my inspiration


But the weather wasn't co-operating so we had it inside. This is what I came up with.

Yes, I actually made these tissue pompoms myself - $1 each for tissue paper from the dollar shop
Camellias from the Garden

lots of sweet things

The George Clooney got a work-out making froth for the hot chocolates

There was a minor bad mummy moment when there was a request for some party games. Games? I thought we were having civilised tea and scones, ladies! We were going so well - hot chocolates, yummy sweets, and then the girls decorated some little pots to take home. I can't fail now. I managed to find some chocolate frogs in the cupboard as a prize for musical chairs and the winner got to operate the iPod and be the judge of musical statues. I've redeemed myself. Phew!

Dear Miss Fancy, 

There are too many things to say about what's happening in your world but I'll try and summarise in 7 points. 

At the moment:

1) You are loving books (Chapter books now thank you very much), Enid Blyton, Tashi, anything Roald Dahl, Audrey of the Outback and anything with fairies. You bought Harry Potter from the op shop last week and I thought it would be too difficult for you but you are getting stuck right into it.

2) You love writing letters to your friends in Tassie and day after day you patiently wait for any replies to arrive in the letterbox. I remember doing that too. There really is nothing more exciting than the arrival of a letter. The longer you are oblivious to the whole instantaneous e-mail thing the better!

3) Your favourite thing is Art and you also love writing stories - you staple pieces of paper together to make proper books and have written little stories such as 'The Five Dancing Peacocks', "The Long Shoelaces", "The Bookeater" and "Santa Ruined Christmas". Your artworks are so detailed and beautiful.

4) You are the BEST big sister to your 3 brothers. You piggy-back them around, teach them songs and dances. You love being the boss and playing schools where the boys are your obliging students or customers at your shop or bank or post office. They adore you. I've never had to encourage it, you do it so naturally. In fact, they respond so well to you that I feel slightly redundant somedays.

5) I love that you enjoy school but prefer to be at home with us because you "don't like missing out on things".

6) You seem so much older than your years, so mature. It's like you've been here before. You crack us up using words like "Evidently" and "Apparently". Sometimes I worry that you are growing up too fast but then you will fall to pieces over the smallest of travesties and I am happily reminded that you are still in fact our little girl, just 7.

7) You get cranky if we haven't stocked up on pods for the coffee machine because you can't make The Piano Man and I a coffee in the morning (see, proof I'm a slack mummy! I trained a 6 yr old to use the Nespresso machine so we can enjoy a coffee in bed before we need to get up and wrangle the 4 kids).

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

* I'm sorry to any readers that have actually read this post - you see I am so new to this blogging caper and have so much to catch up on!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    What a beautiful girl, nice photograph too.

    My blossom is eight years old, so sounds like I need to get her trained for barista duties on the weekend!

  2. I was totally struck by how beautiful your daughter is, but from your post it sounds like she is also a beautiful and caring person, you must be so proud. Can't wait to read and watch your move back to Tassie, it is the best place to live! p.s. Our dogs are frightful posers, I think German Shepherds are born knowing that they are gorgeous. Nigella especially knows how to work the camera!

  3. Gorgeous girl!!!!!!

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;-)