Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday Wafflings

With such a monumental move like moving to another state with 4 kids and the Whippet, and all the ‘big picture’ logistics that go along with that, I am becoming extremely irritated by the little picture stuff that still needs to be done on a daily basis.

Take the never-ending battle of the folded clothes for example. You would think after being in this gig for almost 7 years I would have mastered a proper system. Not so. You see, the washing of the clothes is not the problem – push a few buttons and it’s done. Even the folding of the washing isn’t causing my hair to turn grey. It’s the putting away part that I struggle with. It all gets put into neat piles on top of the Piano where it pretty much stays until all the clothes have been used up. I know this isn’t a very domesticated system but there really does seem little point moving the clothes from the piano to the kids drawers to have them taken out of said drawers the following morning and brought to the Piano area for dressing. I like to regard myself as practical rather than lazy :-) Maybe as the kids get older they will actually dress in their rooms, but at the moment they all prefer to engage in a more communal form of dressing. Perhaps I relocate everyone’s drawers to this central locale. I really don’t like seeing the Piano subjected to this kind of abuse. Does anyone else have this problem? What does everyone else out there do?

The Piano does regularly get a work-out but the piles just get put onto the floor. No problem, even easier for the kids to access their clothes. The other bonus of my system is that when someone ‘can’t find’ an item I can simply point to the Piano instead of having to physically go to their rooms and hunt the item down – that can be quite time-consuming when you have 4 little souls spread across 3 rooms. Again, I like to think myself as practical rather than lazy :-).

So, while I am contemplating the Big Move I’m hoping someone can shed some light onto this little annoyance of mine.


  1. You're so funny!
    We're exactly the same (except only 3 kiddles clothes to battle with).
    Our 'substitute wardrobe' is the didning table - heaven forbid we should use it for eating at, that's why God invented the breakfast bar right?

  2. Mine get stuck on the couch. Often not even in the neat little piles you have in your picture (I have a matching photo on my blog BTW. So many kids, so much washing huh?). I do not envy you having to plan a move but Tassie is such an awesome destination! Grin and bare the unpleasantness because the end product is so cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog (and for the chook offer! I might just take you up). I will follow your journey with interest. x

  3. Hi, congratulations on you blog! I look forward to reading about youtr move and resetttlement in tassie.
    Re the laundry issue, have you considered small baskets for each childs clothes. Then they can toddle them off to their bedrooms and you get your piano back.

  4. Hello MultipleMum, Naomi and LittleGreenVillage,
    Thanks so much for your comments. I'm 1 week into my first Blog and already failing in my ability to reply to comments in a timely manner. Sorry! Do I reply to you after your comments or on your own personal Blog? Still learning blog etiquette :-)
    MultipleMum, I'm quite serious about the chooks in a few months if you are still keen and haven't gone down the baby chick route. They will need a happy home.

  5. Hello! Glad to know that our piano isn't alone in being subjected to use as a part time clothes cupboard :)
    I also find myself collecting cars all day long just so my 2 year old can deposit them all over the floor again. Sigh.