Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm also a hairdresser!

I am sick of spending a fortune at the hairdressers. For the kids, not me :-).

It costs around $20 for a child to have their hair cut in my area. So for me that is a whopping $80 every time I take the 4 kids to have their hair trimmed. Now call me stingy but this is outrageous, isn't it! We're not talking anything fancy here, just a 5 minute trim. And those 6-8 weeks come around really fast. I would rather spend that $80 on something else, like a movie ticket for the next 8 weeks on Tightarse Tuesdays. Or 2 sessions with the chinese masseuse down the road. Or for an extra $10 I could get a trip to Hobart on Jetstuffed. Wow, the money saved could get me 3 weekends a year to Tassie and back!

I confess that I have trimmed Miss Fancy's hair in the past, but in all honesty this hasn't happened very often which is probably why her hair is down to her waist. It's a straight line across her back so no problem trimming her hair.  After a few years I actually took her to the real hairdresser for an 'inspection' and 'tune-up' if you will, expecting they would have to take 60cm off her hair due to my lack of skill and care in looking after her hair. But apparently it was in great condition and they took half a centimetre off. I won't be taking her back there again. That's one child down.

The boys are a different kettle of fish. They like their hair short. Well Blue Eyes does and that means the little boys do too because they idolise their big brother. So the last time I took them to the hairdressers I paid close attention to the ladies working the clippers and scissors. I'd seen sheep been shawn many times in my childhood too. How hard could it be? So I bought a clipper set and decided I would be their hairdresser from now on.

Blue Eyes was the Guinea Pig. He was a bit apprehensive because he thought I couldn't do it. Look at his face in the before shot. It was harder than I thought. But I finished the job and told him to look in the mirror. He was super excited that I did it. Look at his face. He doesn't notice the absolute CRAP job that I did. That it is so much harder to do than it looks (apologies to all you experienced hairdressers out there!!). I didn't let on that I thought he looked like a little criminal.

So I ponder, will I be able to improve with some practice or do I just let the poor souls have their $20 haircuts?



  1. He looks great! And the price is great! Win/win.

  2. Oh, how cute is he?!

    I cut my girls hair and my lovely husband deals with Charlie, my son. And once a year, I take them to the real hairdressers for a shape/thin/correct all the mistakes...

  3. I think you did a great job! He is really very cute anyway but his hair is fab too! Keep going. He'll love those memories when he's older :)

  4. Practice makes perfect, definitely! But for a first attempt I'd say that's jolly good ... and how cute is he :D
    Oh and thank you for the get well wishes over at knitsofacto