Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meet Our Waltzing Matilda

Two weeks and 2 days to go....

I am still on the biggest high following our decision last Friday to pack up our life, the 4 kids and the Whippet and return to Tasmania via a 3 month adventure around Australia in a caravan.

There is a mixture of excitement and adrenalin in the household as we make our preparations. So many balls in the air.

However, things are falling into place ever so nicely. After a couple of days of scouring ebay, the trading post and the classifieds for a caravan, we found our little beauty, or rather it found us! And you will never guess where.

It was on our street! 

I know! What are the odds of needing a caravan in 2 weeks and finding one on your very own street, 50m away? One that features a bold stripe in none other than your favourite colour, Green? One that is exactly on budget? Exactly your style? And one that has you so excited you are kept awake at night as you mentally decorate it's interior and imagine all the memories that will be created within it's tiny body in the years to come.

This is how it happened. We live in a pretty street with an eclectic mix of Australian natives and rows of beautiful "Liquid Ambers". So, I go out the front door to let the Whippet take me for a walk. I decide to turn right. I never usually walk or drive along this section of our street as it is actually an avenue that loops back onto itself and so is like a dead end. I don't know why I did this day. It was obviously meant to be.

I turn the bend and I see a vision in white and green. My heart skips a beat. Could that be our caravan? It then sinks as I notice the house before which it sits has been knocked down. Perhaps this is someone's temporary accommodation?

But as I near closer I see a sign in the window "Urgent Sale". It was then that I knew it would be ours. We make some calls, have a look, the owner knocks $1000 off the price and agrees to pay for the rego which only ran out 4 days ago. $3,500.00 later and the deal is done.

Isn't she a beauty? Nothing fancy but perfect for us. It's actually a 1975 vintage Millard Capri. The addition of the word "Capri" makes it sound a bit posh don't you think? Can't wait to show you the interior.

We have named her "Matilda", in honour of Banjo Paterson's "Waltzing Matilda". It seemed fitting since this will be our family's maidan journey around Australia in a Caravan. And for those not familiar with Australian folklore, Waltzing Matilda is slang for traveling around (waltzing) with ones goods in a bag (a Matilda) over your shoulder. In essence, the caravan will be our Matilda as we journey around.

I am still swooning over the colour.

So excited are we by our new purchase that we are stalking her every opportunity. We now have to drive past her every time we get in the car and last night when my Dad was over for dinner and the kids were in bed, we went for a walk with our torches for goodness sakes and stalked her again. Honestly, we are like kids in a lolly shop.  I'm surprised how obsessed I am with her. Is this normal?

And here is our shiny new Tow Ball, which was fitted onto our car yesterday.

So what do you think of our Matilda? Anyone else into Caravans? Love them or loathe them?


  1. Woohoooooo! She is gorgeous indeed! Welcome Tilly! Actually I'm not sure I can shorten her name affectionately like that seeing as she is a Capri n especially limey appley bright green is my fave colour too :)

    I love the adventure you're about to take us on!

  2. She's gorgeous!!! Love the green.

    Looking forward to following your adventure. We're on a two week road trip at the moment and I can't wat until we do a longer trip.

    I just love how beautiful this country and how many amazing inspiring people you meet 'on the road'. We're of to a farm stay in the mountains tonight...Yay!

  3. Loathe them, but I want one. Hate to drive near them. Would love love to drive away with one hooked up.

    SO envious!

  4. Oh Mel. What a sensational find! I am so delighted for you - what adventures await you. And a smashing choice of name as well. J x

  5. If you haven't already, you must check out Megan's blog about their family's amazing caravan adventure around Australia:
    Love your caravan. Exciting times.

  6. I have only stayed in a caravan once, when I was ten. But I do envy you Australians all this taking to the road that you seem to do.
    Look forward to reading all about your adventures with Matilda in the months ahead x

  7. It is a lovely caravan , though we took quite a new caravan I love the older style ones. MY husband and FIL have along history with caravans.

    How amazing to find it on your street too. Matilda is an ace name.

  8. Oh she is so beautiful! What amazing story, it sent shivers down my spine. Hope you are having a wonderful time!