Sunday, December 11, 2011

What's Santa To Do?

The kids have been asked what they would like Santa to bring them for Christmas this year, bearing in mind that we are on the road with limited space and Santa has limited funds this year.

The little boys would like a teddy each, Blue Eyes would like a Boomerang and this is the letter that has been sent to Santa from our 7 year old:

What do you think the consequences will be on Christmas day?

a)    There will be in tears when Santa will not be able to provide her first and third choices;

b)   She will be grateful that he could provide at least her second choice;

           c)    She won’t really care because she is a cheeky Minx who does not really believe in Santa and has therefore picked the first and third choices to test him; or  

               d)   She simply has high expectations of Santa and has somewhere along the way learnt that flattery will get you everywhere.


  1. Whatever happens this Christmas I predict she'll go far in life!

  2. I think your fantastic daughter will do just nicely with anything in the world, she has such a godo head on her shoulders. I love that she's all "like, i'm already 7, i have lived!!" A great idea for this kind of 'away from home' situation is something like a bucket with their names on to go find things in the bush, it's the gift that keeps on giving, we used to do it when we took our 4 to Kakadu for a holiday. They were always disappointed to not find a crocodile egg to pop in there, me, VERY happy they couldn't!! Unfortunately, many skinks lost their lives to those buckets. Sorry lizard king. When you're in the great outdoors, the good old 'make your own adventure' kind of gift, love Posie

  3. You could get her some pretty wings from a fairy shop or something, with a note from Santa, they could be 'magic' wings that will help her to fly in her dreams at night.

    Shrug, just an idea!

    What a beautifully well written letter, good luck with the shopping!

  4. Why not find a real smooth and twisty stick on one of your solo treks? Dress it up in a real fancy box, maybe some glitter, and "Instant magic wand"(tm). But what if she's a muggle and can't use it properly?! Not sure that would be interpreted as a good Christmas gift, now that I think about it...

  5. What a sweet letter :) And with all that flattery how couldn't 1 and 3 materialise on Christmas day! haha