Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Six years ago....

Six years ago today I was eagerly awaiting the birth of my second baby. It was 10 days past the due date, just like my first, and I had an appointment with my Obstetrician later that afternoon. I knew it was probably my last chance at having a completely natural birth, which I was hoping for after having a great first birth that just involved being induced to get things started. 

I went for a brisk and bumpy walk the night before and watched a soppy movie. I felt ready. I woke up in the morning with contractions 5 minutes apart. I lay in bed for the next half an hour timing them before telling The Pianoman that it was time. 

My Mother-In-Law was down from Alice Springs to look after our then 20 month-old Miss Fancy. I was not convinced the contractions were painful enough to go straight to the Hospital so we decided to stop on the way to grab a coffee and walk around North Hobart. Had I known the baby would be born within 3 hours from then I would have skipped the coffee as most of it ended up on the side of the road thanks to a wave of nausea that hit me on the way to the hospital. 

I had a gorgeous midwife who was visiting from Byron Bay. I think I said something like "I think I'll be right with this one". There was an understanding and not much more had to be said. We were left alone in the room together. I went straight into the shower where I stayed for 2 and a half hours blasting my belly with the hand-held nozzle while the main shower head was pounding my back. 

Things started getting intense and I came out of the shower and told the Pianoman the baby was coming. He shot out of his chair, leaving whatever riveting day-time TV was showing at the time, and called for the midwife and the Doctor. They arrived just in time. I hopped on the bed and rolled onto my side, closed my eyes and grabbed hold of the side bed rails. The pain was almost unbearable but I remembered this part from before and knew it would be over soon. It all happened so fast. I suddenly had that all familiar urge to push and I was desperately trying to slow things down. The waters broke during the first push and the baby came out with the second. 

I opened my eyes and a little baby boy was placed on my chest. Tears of joy. I was ecstatic following such a beautiful birth and couldn't keep my eyes off him. I also remember opening my eyes and noticing the lights were off, the blinds had been pulled down and there may have been a scent of lavender in the room. I had no idea when all of that happened as my eyes had been closed for the last 20 minutes or so but appreciate the efforts the midwife went to.

But a Boy? What was I going to do with a Boy? I am one of three girls. No Brothers. Well I needn't have worried because I have the best teacher in this lovely son of mine, who teaches me everyday how to be a good mum to him.

The last six years have been full of so much joy. Blue Eyes has the ability to turn the most mundane moments into an adventure of magical proportions.

On Sunday I announced I was going to quickly check on our new "Lawnmowers" to make sure they hadn't escaped into any neighbouring properties. Blue Eyes said he was coming with me and what could have been a 5 minute activity ended up being a 2 hour adventure. We hiked up the hill and took in the view, we paced the outline of the property, watched the Kangaroos leap away in the long grass and admired the soft Button Grass. Finally, we walked through the "Magic Garden", which is a grove of 100 year old Elm Trees. We searched and found treasures and chatted about everything from what happens if a leech sucks your eye-ball to how long it takes for a Soul to get to heaven after you die. His questions always stump me but always leave me thinking. I'm still wondering about the clotting properties of an eye-ball.

So, Happy 6th Birthday To My Gorgeous Boy. I hope you never lose your sense of wonder and adventure.


  1. What a handsome boy! Happy Birthday Blue Eyes! Emma x

  2. Oh your blue eyes is just gorgeous... and such a beautiful post about his entry into the world.
    Love those kind of adventures that start from nothing much at all. Looks like you had a wonderful time.
    Happy Birthday to your big 6 year old! xo

  3. Oh you had me at that birst story. I love to have a happy cry into my coffee in the morning. Beautiful, just beautiful. (And just quietly, remarkably similar to my birth story with my Charlie, also 6...)


    Your life is already so full of stories and adventures, I hope it keeps the magical flow of amazing experiences with your wonderful family.


  5. Happy Birthday Mister!

    From our place, six is a wonderful age to be (that's is as far as we have got yet, but loving it still!)

  6. What a truly beautiful post - and boy.
    Congratulations - on all counts!
    :-) xxx

  7. What a beautifully told birth story!

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. A belated Happy Birthday Blue Eyes :D

  9. Happy birthday , blue eyes. Oh one day those big blue eyes are going to melt girls hearts!!

  10. Just gorgeous, Mel. Will have to show Joshie! J x

  11. Happy birthday in your household, love 6, a gorgeous age, lots of adventure, love Posie

  12. Lovely boys! Y
    They have such a different outlook to our own and boys in nature are joyful to watch . It never gets old and neither do they.. Mine were still dragging home deady bones last September at twelve. That is a lovely birth story too. How lucky you were to do it so quickly at home.
    Your new life in Tassie is suiting you!

  13. Happy birthday to mr blue eyes! I was the same when I had my boy, wondering what on earth to do with a boy? I am one of 3 girls and had a daughter. But they are just so gorgeous!