Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pretty Spring Florals

Well, it's Melbourne Cup Day here in Australia and the beginning of Spring Carnival festivities.

We're enjoying a quiet day at home but there appears to be a little spring carnival action of its own happening right here in the garden.

It is looking so pretty at the moment. 

The sea of pinks, yellows, blues and whites provides the perfect burst of colour to distract the eye from the weeds that are just as prolific but thankfully not as colourful.

The Jasmine was also in full bloom the other day....

but then only above knee height....

and then the lambs learnt some tricksy high-jump manoeuvres and got themselves onto the balcony.

I thought it was cute that they were 'appreciating' the Jasmine too. I kept shooing them off but following a quick trip to the supermarket, I returned to find the Jasmine pruned to an inch of its life...

Happy Lamb, Sad Jasmine in the background.

and a very contented lamb with a belly so full of Jasmine he couldn't stand up. It was almost enough to make a grown woman cry. Who knew lambs were addicted to flowers? So last night a temporary fence was installed just in front of the house to keep Rocco and Lulu away from the flowers but close by while they are still on their milk feeds. In a few weeks they can go into their proper paddock down the hill.

Speaking of florals, it has been a while since I posted my op shop finds but for some strange reason they all feature flowers on them so I thought it appropriate to post here.

Sweet wooden Kokeshi Doll - 99 cents to go with Eleanor's Kokeshi and Babushka collection.

White floral jug - $1.99.

A couple of Vintage floral tablecloths - $1 each.

Retro Jelly Moulds - 50 cents, OK not floral but florally spring colours all the same.

Vintage sewing basket - $10, my favourite, in perfect condition with a tray inside and lined with red satin.

Vintage floral frock (below) - $10. I have been feeling rather large and frumpy and obviously cannot wear this dress in my current 'delicate' condition but it was so pretty I thought I'd snap it up for next Spring, or even for the end of this Summer. Ha ha, a girl can dream can't she?

Finally, a very Happy Melbourne Cup Day to all the Aussies who are celebrating today!!! Best of luck on the horses!

Mel x


  1. I can see you in that dress with a six month old perched on your hip, standing in the jasmine. Your jelly moulds would be flower shaped if you looked down on them. Nice stash on the oppy front

    1. You are so right Annie, they are! Like little daisies :-)

  2. Wow your op shop finds are amazing!! Loving all the colours in your garden - cheeky lambs! I love your fluffy chook.

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaah Spring!!
    and a beautiful babe on the way
    (obvious beautiful with such gorgeous siblings)
    it makes me feel all warm and sunny

  4. i love your lambs and how cute is that chicken! beautiful spring garden.

  5. What lovely flowers! I have a weakness for the wisteria I'm afraid, although I definitely would have cried at the pruned jasmine - cheeky little lamb. Amazing op shop scores.... that dress is totally adorable!

  6. I never would have thought that lambs loved jasmine either! Just as well you took a pic of that loveliness before it was eaten...or maybe we wouldn't have believed you even had any..hehe! Naughty lamb.

  7. Your lambs are so cute! Not cute enough to make up for their naughtiness, but still....
    You garden is looking lovely.
    Happy Spring!

  8. You will look gorgeous in that frock.....when we organise our crafternoon tea! Rx

  9. Ohh, loving your oppy finds, Mel, especially the frock. Gorgeous!

    And those lambs are cute! Mischievous but cute!! An occasional hard prune is supposed to be ok, isn't it? Fingers crossed your jasmine thinks so, anyway. Lovely to 'meet' you. :)

  10. Mel so many awesome opshop finds! Can we go opshopping together?
    I love the kokeshi doll, so sweet to have a collection like that.
    I really do love the fact that you have two house lamb/dogs, although eating all your jasmine is simply not on!

  11. I think I would have felt very sad too had I seen that beautiful Jasmine tree gobbled up, I hope it flourishes again after it's prune, cheeky little lambs. Gorgeous op shop finds Mel, love that basket:) x

  12. With piglets currently ransacking my vegetable garden I feel your pain Mel. Love your beautiful girly dress.

  13. Oh your lambs are so so sweet Mel, love that pic of them just chillin' together on the porch. Your garden is looking delightful... and that type of jasmine just happens to be my fave, I would have been very upset to find it devoured also :(
    You will look sensational in that frock, it's so pretty... well done on the bargain finds! xo

  14. Your garden is looking beautiful, but how cute are the lambs! I wouldn't have thought they'd like Jasmine. If the smell is anything to go on I bet it tastes very strong.
    Very nice op shop finds. I think I might do the tip shops this weekend :)

  15. Those lambs are very adorable but how naughty! They dont look real in that photo of them together. That Jasmine is/was amazing. Wish I could dive my nose into it.

    Great finds. I love those dolls. Xx to you

  16. Gorgeous gorgeous photos Mel. Love those little lambkins too, naughty wee things they are!
    Cannot see you being too granparently in about .... umm. 30 sleeps time? Enjoy this special time. cheers Wendy

  17. What a tale about the jasmine-munching lambs! Well I never. Must tell the pixies. That sewing basket is a sensational find. A little more sophisticated than my Bambi 1980 version! Yep, looking forward to seeing you in that fab dress at our crafternoon tea. J x

  18. PS Most impressed to see those new buttons in your sidebar! J x

  19. Have just discovered your gorgeous blog. And am green with envy over the little sewing basket! Elaina

  20. What a lovely assortment Mel. I have that same green and red tablecloth (oops did have, it has since become toddler pants!). What a pretty vintage dress. If you hadn't grabbed it for Spring you would have regretted it later. I once passed by perfect 50's tea dress, but decided I had already spent my op shopping budget for the week. I had second thoughts the next day and went back for it. Of course it wasn't there, but I always think of that dress.

  21. Those lambs, just hurry up and send them off to school - and take some pics for us. Love love love that sewing basket you lucky duck. mel x

  22. Great finds. I just want to reach into the screen and steal them!