Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things I Love In My Sydney Garden Today

Isn't this baby Kookaburra divine? Just perched on the tree in the front garden. I love his Robin Hood mask or is it fancy eyeshadow? And how gorgeous is his puffed up chest - reminds me of those long robes the Kings used to wear that reached the ground and covered their boots.

I have become a huge fan of Camellias since moving to Sydney. Ok, so they lack the gorgeous scent of Roses but their blooms are so luscious and they just look so good in the garden when nothing else is flowering in the winter. But Sadly, they won't be around much longer and these have been picked as the last bunch to grace our dining table and windowsills.

I found this dead palm thingy in the back garden and thought it would make a nice sculptural piece in the house. Reminds me of sea coral or seaweed.

Meet our Girls, Sarah & Leesa, named after some friends in Hobart (lucky them!). They like to congregate at the back door when they are out of their chook house.

Oh my goodness, how divine is this Poncho? Miss Fancy had a party to go to today and she picked my old Poncho to wear - it was made for me by my Nanny when I was 6 or so and it just melts me seeing her wearing it after all these days.

Trampoline Hair :-)


  1. WOW!
    What beautiful imagery - I especially love the baby kookaburra, sooo cute!
    Your kiddles are so lucky to have Sarah & Leesa, do they lay?

  2. Hi Naomi, we get an egg each from them a day. They were off for a bit during their moulting but they are back on track now...

  3. Oh Mel, it's so funny to read your first post. So much has happened in your life since then! I'm so thrilled you hit 'publish' on this post ☺. J x

  4. ok Mel, here i am reading ur blog from the start. I might sound crazy but thats me , when i like a blog i read it from the start.