Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sick Day At The Beach

Miss Fancy woke with a 'splitted' headache and declared herself too unwell for school today.

I've had something similar the last two days so knew how she felt. Nothing serious. No vomiting or other yucky business. But annoying all the same and best to stay home from school.

Fine by me. No rushing around in the morning and we can all stay in our PJ's the entire day.

But it wasn't to be. It was only 9.30am and the wheels were already starting to fall off. The 3 boys were firing on all cylinders. They had already turned the lounges into trampolines and every object in the house had become a sword or fighting weapon for the Goodie (Blue Eyes) to defeat The Baddies (The twins). It was going to be a LONG day! The TV would only go so far.

So I did what any mum would do when their young ones are sick - a trip to the beach! The weather was spectacular and I figured a sick patient could just as easily rest on the beach instead of in bed and the boys could burn up some energy.

It's not always the case with my ideas, but this idea turned out to be an excellent one. Hardly a soul to be seen. Where was everyone? Weekdays are very quiet at the beach. Good to know! So maybe it isn't swimming weather yet but that is such an Australian attitude isn't it? To only be at the beach for the purpose of swimming. I know for a fact that Europeans would be swarming at such a beach on a day like today regardless of the temperature of the water. It was just beautiful. The best bit was that we didn't have to interrupt our day and leave our fun to pick Miss Fancy up from School.

The kids also enjoyed seeing and learning about Bluebottles, none of those in Tassie.

This was the biggest one on the beach. It was popped seconds after I took the photo.

This one below scored the most laughs because of its, um, phallic nature - anyone else with a 5 year old boy??

I'm after some more ideas. So what do you all do when you have an unwell child who needs rest but other children at home who start swinging from the rafters?? Is the beach an appropriate venue?


  1. Haha - I wish my mom took us to the beach when 'sick' :)

  2. Oh yes, i'm all about getting them out of the house when you feel the crazy coming. My 3rd daughter is starting to get migraines, it's heart breaking, i got them too, only younger than her. If i have one home tired or heady, i often do the school run early so we can while away some time, fresh air, peace & calm by the lake or in a park, before the car loads up with siblings.
    I too wonder were everyone is, when we do this, so lucky to be a housewife, even if i am thinking of the gym instead of just sitting quietly.
    I hope she's better today, big drink of water, sunshine, sea air, she should be feeling fabulous.
    As for the blue bottles, the leaking one looks a bit sad but giggles, my children would all have managed a big yell out "look at the blue penis" too (my youngest, the boy, is nearly 8!!) Love Posie

  3. Poor Miss Fancy, hope she's on the mend.
    Don't be too smug about the blue bottles in Tassie! We saw them at the beach at Swansea a few years ago in December, if the water is warm enough and the East Australian Current comes down further than normal we can even get them!

  4. ooh so nice,
    I wish you were my mum!!

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments.

    Miss Fancy was feeling better so back at school today. However there is a Teachers Strike tomorrow so she will be having another home day.

    Hazel, thanks for correcting me. That will teach me for not checking my facts first. It's bad enough Tassie gets left off the map of Australia from time to time let alone missing out on being part of the Blue Bottle wash-up :-)

  6. What a great idea - sick day at the beach! We often have this problem of one kid sick and two kids well. It invariably leads to wrestling matches in the sunroom. Next sick day I'm taking a leaf out of your book.
    Lovely blog. Visiting from Rewind and having a poke around, if you don't mind.

  7. hello, now which lovely beach is that? it"s a tricky business when one is sick, great idea to get them out and let them play in the sunshine. Beaches are lovely whatever the weather.

  8. I am dreadful at taking my kids to the beach - none of them a great swimmers and it brings out the crazy, over-protective, anxiety ridden Mum in me. Dreadful. When one is sick (and not contagious), we go to the park, for a bushwalk or just hang at home. Thanks for Rewinding, and for your email. Promise to respond but very happy the chooks found a home :-) x